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The Fifties

by David Halberstam

The Definitive Work on the Decade!
  Book Cover

(11/98 ) Amazon Price:$12.00
Paperback: 800 pages Reprint edition (June 1994)
Dimensions: (in inches): 1.45 x 8.24 x 5.51

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BUY on Video - The A&E multi-part video production from the book. The boxed set contains 6 videos, about 50 min. each.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Best and the Brightest, The Powers That Be, and The Reckoning has created his masterpiece--a stunning, panoramic view of a pivotal and popular American decade. From Ike to Elvis, McCarthy to Marlon Brando, all the people and phenomena of that fabulous time are captured in Halberstam style


As Seen on TV :
The Visual Culture of Everyday Life in the 1950s

Karal Ann Marling
  Book Cover

(As of 10/98) Amazon Price: $17.47
Hardcover: 328 pages (September 1994)
Dimensions: (in inches): 1.14 x 9.58 x 6.42

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Opening with a photograph of a 1950s Disneyland home designed in the shape of a TV (by those fun-loving futurists at MIT), this book's text and photos consistently maintain a balance between insightful social commentary and critique and sensitive recapturing of the essence of visual broadcast's dawn.

John Updike, New York Times Book Review
An intellectual romp, a dizzying free fall through the exuberant "visual culture" of that first post-World War II decade

Los Angeles Times
Karal Ann Marling's enthusiasm is refreshing, entertaining, and imaginative. Her energy is infectious. . . .


The Cultural Idiocy Quiz
by Rich Dahm, Rick Dahm

Just for the sheer fun of it!
  Book Cover

As of 11/98 Amazon Price: $7.96
Paperback:160 pages (November 1997)
Dimensions: (in inches): 0.42 x 5.99 x 5.96

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Anyone who's ever wracked their brain trying to remember the names of the Brady kids is sure to find this book of themed pop culture quizzes uniquely entertaining--and educational. Where else could readers find the real name of Steve Zodiac's space cruiser or the clown on Captain Kangaroo?.


The American Drive-In

by Michael Karl Witzel
  Book Cover

As of 11/98 Amazon Price: $20.97
Hardcover: 192 pages (September 1994)
Dimensions: (in inches): 0.85 x 10.40 x 10.41

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Booknews, Inc. , March 1, 1995
Through text and numerous B&W and color photographs, Witzel presents the history and folklore of the drive-in restaurant and explains how it fits into the American car culture. The author's unbridled enthusiasm for the subject is matched by his command of its history, making this an insightful and intriguing retrospective on a fleeting moment in American culture.


Fifties Flashback : The American Car

by Dennis Adler
  Book Cover

As of 11/98 Amazon Price: $20.97
Hardcover:160 pages (October 1996)
Dimensions: (in inches): 0.76 x 10.37 x 10.29

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Flamboyant fins, acres of chrome and a burbling V-8 under the hood--the Fabulous 1950s was a time when every car had a personality of its own. The American car virtually reinvented itself during the 1950s as it evolved from rehashed prewar designs to high-style, high-performance cars by the end of the decade. Fifties Flashback is the colorful story of one of the most revolutionary decades in automotive history. 150 color illustrations, 50 B&W.


Kid Stuff : Great Toys from Our Childhood

by David Hoffman, Viktor Budnik (Photographer)

This book cannot help but make you smile :>)
  Book Cover

As of 11/98 Amazon Price: $12.76
Paperback:108 pages (November 1996)
Dimensions: (in inches): 0.42 x 8.10 x 8.96

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Ever wonder if Barbie had a last name? (It's Roberts.) Who invented Lincoln Logs? (John L. Wright, son of Frank Lloyd Wright.) Filled with a host of curious facts and little-known anecdotes about the creation of dozens of timeless toys and games, Kid Stuff is a celebration of classic playthings, mostly from the 1940s throught the 1960s, that are still popular today. 80 full-color photos.


Barbie : Four Decades of Fashion, Fantasy, and Fun

by Marco Tosa

*I note, with a tinge of jealousy, that Barbie has done quite well for herself in the last 40 years. She has no wrinkles and lots better STUFF than I do!
  Book Cover

As of 11/98 Amazon Price: $13.97
Hardcover:152 pages (October 1998)
Dimensions: (in inches): 0.73 x 10.77 x 8.97

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From Kirkus Reviews , October 1, 1998:
Remember ``After Five''? ``Solo in the Spotlight''? Classic Barbie fashions, and they werent created in a fashion vacuum. This new book shows how Barbies outfits over the decades have emulated those designed by real designers and worn by real women. See Barbies Plantation Belle'' outfit juxtaposed with a photograph of Grace Kelly in High Society, or her Givenchy- style bubble dress next to the real thing photographed on a fashion model in Venice. ``Red Flare'' drew on Balenciagas styles for Jacqueline Kennedy, the A-line dresses and pillbox hats that distinguished her wardrobe. Barbies huge wardrobe never shied away from questionable taste if that was the style of the day, writes Tosa, an international doll expert who teaches at the Venice Academy of the Arts. On the contrary, the Mattel clothing designers shamelessly hedge their bets on the public reactions to fashion trends. For fashion mavents and Barbie fans alike, a nostalgic trip down memory lane.


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