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1950 Nash Rambler

To survive Independents had to have original looking cars
Nash believed in the compact car and built the only American compact convertible
billed as the smartest, safest convertible
it counted on the overhead steel rails for stability

Cost: $1,800.00


1950 ad for Nash claiming it was “The Smartest Safest Convertible in the World”


1951 Nash Rambler “Airflyte”

All Nash models were also called Airflytes
to promote their modern aerodynamic engineering
the open Rambler had a modest yet enthusiastic following

Cost: $1,995.00


1952 Nash Ambassador

A new look courtesy of famed Italian designer Pinin Farina
replaced the bathtub look with a rounded and bloated box
the front wheel skirts survived the remodel
even though they impaired the turning circle and made tire changing very difficult

Cost: $2,230.00


1953 Nash Ambassador Custom

No big changes for Nash’s this year
two-tone paint became an option (shown)
another feature were front seats which fully reclined forming a comfy bed

Cost: $2,340.00

Nash’s Corporate Badge


1954 American Motors (Nash) Metropolitan

With mergers abound Nash winds up taking over Hudson
and forming American Motors Corp.
The Metro came in soft hued colors and sported an external spare tire
Nash also discounted the convertible and hardtop coupes to try and bolster sales

Cost: $1,470.00


1955 Nash Statesman Country Club

Nash kept making the same cars while Hudson’s saw the big changes
two-tone paint was staggered to give a four layer look.
all the big Nash’s had wrap around windshields dubbed “ScenaRamic”

Cost: $2,495.00


1956 Nash Rambler

Rambler gets a whole new look with a complete redesign
some carry Nash emblems and some are called Hudson’s but it’s the same car
Nash always liked color so bright cheery colors like pink
helped to drive buyers into showrooms

Cost: $2,224.00


1957 Nash Custom Rambler

Nash takes off skirts and exposes it’s front tires!
The front wheel skirts a fixture since 1948 are gone
the rest of the car also receives a comprehensive facelift as well.
Two toning of the paint is still hugely popular

Cost: $2,295.00


1957 Pontiac Bonneville

When Pontiac rolled out the Bonneville it started a new era for them
gone was the stodgy boxy car with the little engine that almost could
in was a new 310hp, fuel injected monster
that would forever change the image to one of performance

Cost: $5,780.00

Don’t worry the rear tires still have a modified skirt!


American Motors drops the Nash and Hudson names preferring to unify the line under one banner

1958 AMC Rambler Ambassador

All of AMC’s cars are now called Rambler except Metropolitans
the big models were marketed as Ambassadors by Rambler
this is the first year that a slight tail fin is seen
this station wagon is stretched 9 inches longer than the sedan

Cost: $3,115.00


1959 AMC Rambler Rebel

All Rebel’s had the larger V-8 engines in them
and were sized in between the smaller American and the larger Ambassador
although the Rebel model didn’t sell well against it’s six-cylinder cousins,
AMC’s sales in general almost doubled this year

Cost: $2,265.00

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