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Fifties trivia answers

1. Joe Louis tried for a comeback in 1950, but got defeated by...
Ezzard Charles
Sugar Ray Robinson
Jake LaMotta

2. In 1951, #24 for the Giants gets his gets his 1st major league hit, a home run. Who is he?
Stan Musial
Gil Hodges
Willie Mays

3. In the 1952 Winter Olympic Games in Oslo, an American won a second Gold Medal for figure skating. The American is...
Dick Buttons
David Jenkins
Carol Heiss

4. In the Summer Olympic Games in Helsinki, an American won his second Gold Medal for the decathlon? He is...
Bill Toomey
Rafer Johnson
Bob Mathias

5. In 1952 The Yankee Clipper retired from baseball. Who is he?
Joe DiMaggio
Stan Musial
Casey Stengel

6. In 1954, basball legend Hank Aaron begins his career by joining the...
Cleveland Indians
Milwaukee Braves
Brooklyn Dodgers

7. In 1954, Roger Bannister breaks an important record, the _____ _____ _____.
4 Minute Mile
Runs Batted In
NBA Scoring Leader

8. Finally, in 1955 the Brooklyn Dodgers win the World Series by defeating...
Milwaukee Braves
New York Yankees
Cleveland Indians

9. In 1956, Althea Gibson becomes the first black woman to...?
Medal in figure skating
Run the 4 minute mile
Win a major tennis tournament

10. In 1957, a man many consider to be the finest athlete of the century retired? Who was he?
Jackie Robinson
Rocky Marciano
Sam Snead

11. The great running back Jim Brown was the NFL Rookie of the Year in 1957. For whom did he play?
LA Rams
Cleveland Browns
Green Bay Packers

12. In 1958 one of golf's greatest players will win his first of four Masters. Only Jack Nicklaus has won more. He is...
Arnold Palmer
Ben Hogan
Sam Snead

13. In 1959, San Francisco Giants stadium is renamed Candlestick Park. Recently it got a corporate name which is...
Qualcomm Stadium
Pro Player Stadium
3Com Park

14. Lee, Richard and Kyle are three generations of a family that dominated at the ...
Daytona 500
U.S. Open
Kentucky Derby

15. Which of these teams is NOT the result of a change of cities in the 50s?
Los Angeles Dodgers
San Francisco Giants
Houston Astros

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Fifties trivia answers

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