American Girls

by Michael RichComment — Updated August 3, 2023

American Girls

September 23, 1978 – November 10, 1978
7 one hour episodes (1/2 seasons) 11 episodes were made but only 7 actually got aired
in color
Created by: Lee Philips, Mike Lloyd Ross and Lane Slate
Produced by: Harve Bennett and Harris Katleman


  • Priscilla Barnes   –   Rebecca Tomkins
  • Debra Clinger   –   Amy Waddell
  • David Spielberg   –   Francis X. Casey


Following the success of Charlie’s Angels this drama show pits two young beautiful female tv news magazine reporters against all sorts of bad guys and story deadlines. They drive all over the country chasing news assignments given to them by their editor / boss Francis Casey (David Spielberg) who is headquartered in New York. Sometimes they just have to unravel peoples highly personal stories to get to “the truth” other times they take down actual criminals in the process of “getting the story”!

The show was actually an excellent idea for a fluffy seventies beautiful cops type show but it had some tough competition in its time slot, so they moved it around a couple of times which lost the audience. Critics also panned the show saying that it lacked any real substance.
Priscilla Barnes who played Rebecca Tomkins would slide from this to a successful run on “Three’s Company” where she replaced Suzanne Somers who was thought of as irreplaceable.

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