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Welcome to: Automobiles of the 1960's

60's cars


cars of the 1960's

60's cars

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1960 lincoln car

60s car

60s auto

1960 Lincoln Continental

At 131 inches it was an inch longer than Cadillac
it had a one of a kind power down rear window
tucked neatly in the inverted slant roofline
the engine a 430 V-8 was lowered in horsepower to appeal to the belt tightening public

Cost: $5,700.00
60s cars

60s autos
Continental Mark V

60s automobile
60s vintage car

classic cars of 1961

1961 Lincoln continental

1960s autos

1961 Lincoln Continental

The four door sedan (shown) was the top selling Lincoln
the Continental fleet was reduced to just two styles
the hardtop and the convertible (both shown)
frame less door glass was used in both models, another first for Lincoln

Cost: $5,925.00
1960s Fords

1961 Lincoln Continental

This was no face lift for Continental
this was a top to bottom redo which emphasized clean fluid lines
it was shorter, lighter and won several design awards
unique to Continental the four door models had opposite swinging doors
and the convertible top when lowered folded neatly inside the rear deck

Cost: $6,710.00 (convertible)

1960s automobiles

1961 Lincoln cars

1960s auto

60s American cars

cars of 1962

1962 Lincoln Continental car

1960s auto

1962 Lincoln Continental

Not wanting to mess with success
only the grill and back panel grids changed this year
sales climbed a respectable 20% only the second increase since 1958
the Continental was still the heaviest car on the market at 5200 lbs.

Cost: $6,750.00

1960s American Automobiles
sixties cars

1963 auto

1963 Lincoln Continental

Holding to a pledge, not to change the Continental
frivolously just for the sake of changing
the only new visible thing was another grill tweak
but under the hood was a new four barrel carburetor
which added 20hp and increased the big V-8 to 320hp

Cost: $6,945.00
60's auto

1963 Lincoln automobile

60's car
60s cars

classic cars of 1964

1964 continental car

60's autos

60's auto

1964 Lincoln Continental

It may look the same but wait,
it got 3 inches longer, swapped curved glass side windows for straight
and increased the size and viability of it's rear window
these minor changes improved the comfort by increasing interior room
and slightly larger doors made getting in & out easier

Cost: $6,940.00 (convertible)

60's automobile

1964 Lincoln auto
1964 Lincoln magazine advertisement
60's automobiles
sixties car

nostalgic cars of 1965

1965 Continental car

1960's automobile

1965 Lincoln Continental

Still keeping to it's earlier promise Lincoln
is virtually unchanged again this year
changing the grill slightly to signify that it's a new model
for those 40,000 lucky new Continental buyers

Cost: $6,940.00 (unchanged)

1960's automobiles
60s classic car

ford muscle cars of 1965

1966 Lincoln Continental

Continental was finally given a mild redesign
five inches longer and a less squared off look
helped to push sales up another notch
the engine was enlarged to 340hp to handle the extra size

Cost: $5,750.00 (base hardtop fourdoor)
60's auto

1966 Lincoln continental

60's car
60s cars

classic cars of 1967

1966 Lincoln car

1960's automobile

1967 Lincoln Continental

No real changes after last year's redesign
a new windows up ventilation system was added
the four door convertible (shown) wasn't selling well
this would be it's last production year

Discontinuing this model made it an instant collectors item

Cost: $6,450.00 (base convertible)

1960's automobiles

60s classic car

muscle cars of 1968

1968 Lincoln Continental

A new Lincoln - say it isn't so
this Mark III was named to continue the Mark series started in 1956
it sat on the Thunderbird chassis but similarities ended there
Henry Ford II took a personal interest in this car
it was marketed as a return to the personal luxury car

Cost: $6,585.00

60's auto

1968 continental

60's car
60s cars

classic cars of 1969

sixties auto

sixties cars

1969 Lincoln Mark III

The debut Mark III was released mid year in '68 but called a '69 model
so it was unchanged for this production year
much smaller and lighter than the Continental it was considered sportier
as such it drew upon a different market and the hope was
it wouldn't steal sales from it's big brother

Cost: $6,610.00

sixties autos

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