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Vintage Signs

Vintage Signs has the Vintage and Retro Sign Reproductions you need to make your home or garage the coolest place on the block!

The Video Beat
The best selection I have seen of Rock and Roll videos! This site is a treasure of hard to find Oldies and artist tapes.

Whirlin’ Disc
Need some Oldies vinyl for your jukebox? Then Steve Blitenthal is your man.

The Jukebox Man
Info and spare parts for almost all types of Jukeboxes.

An especially well designed site of collectibles. Fun just to browse!

Moon Shine – Reproduction Fiberglass Lampshades
They’ve got ’em at Graceland. And they’re reasonably priced. You’ve got to see these retro lampshades! I have bought 2 myself and can vouch for them personally.

Old Time Candy Company
You can buy all kinds of your favorite nostalgic candies, and you don’t have to buy in bulk!

Barkcloth Hawaii
Hawaiian Tropical Vintage 50’s Barkcloth Fabrics For Sewing or Retro Home decor: Upholstery, Drapery, Crafts and Garments

Deadly Nightshades
The coolest 50s lampshades which are handmade!

Doo Wop Shoo Bop Records & CDs
This site has some of everything, including complete track listings and some cool pics.

Nostalgic Stuff USA
These folks have every party supply or memorabilia that you could wish for, and saddle shoes too!

California Diners & Coffee Shops of the 1950s & 60s. Limited edition reproductions from the archives of Armet & Davis
Really cool and unusual merchandise!

Party Shelf
Looking for 50s decorations for a party, reunion etc? This is a good source.

Shades of Fun – Party sunglasses
I have fallen in love with these fun shades. Great for parties or weddings.

Vintage Swank
Online clothing, furniture, house wares, and lighting store focused on the 50s but dealing in everything from the 20-70s.

Old Time Candy Company
Candy you ate as a kid!Wax Lips, Candy Buttons, BB Bats, Wax Bottles, Sky Bars, Candy Cigarettes, Zagnuts, Necco Wafers. Over 250 fresh candies from the 50s, 60s and 70s – still available after all of these years.

Ranny Welborn Studio
Randy Welborn artist – “Moments to Remember” ’50s-’60s era paintings

Gasoline Alley Antiques
Thousands of Vintage & Collectible Toys, Model Kits, Nostalgia and Sports Memorabilia for sale. Over 70,000 items listed, with over 15,000 photographed. We UPDATE daily. Stop by and visit.

Red Star Fancy Dress
Fancy Dress means costume in the UK and boy do theses folks have costumes, including a very good 1950s lineup and accessories too!

Meritt Products
Looking for car hop trays exactly like the ones made in the 50s by Traco, well these folks have them plus other car hop accessories!

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Oldies Music Fun

Elvis Presley Directory
An Elvis Presley directory resource, forum and lots of articles.

Elvisly Yours
A wonderful Elvis resource from a fellow who isn’t afraid to fight the system! And he wins. Lots of Elvis stuff to buy and learn.

The Coasters Website
An amazing resource, not just for Coaster info, but for all of R&B! Very informative.

Bobby Rydell Fan Club
Linda Hoffman a has done a wonderful job of capturing Bobby as a young teen idol, and Bobby as a master performer today!

Paul Evans, Recording Artist and Songwriter
Paul wrote many hits for himself and others – including Elvis! And he tells great stories!

The Diamonds
All about those Little Darlin’s – The Diamonds

The National Association of Rhythm & Blues Dee Jays
A great source for local and regional R&B activities!

Sock Hop Saturday Night
Great site from DJ Mark Edwards!

Jeff O’s Retro Music
50’s Songs You Never Heard! New Original Oldies Doo Wop, 50’s Rock & Rockabilly Mp3’s

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Classic TV Sites


Shokus Videos – The TV Connection
For all of you who want to find videos of vintage TV shows. Plus, the site maintains a voice mail bulletin board for exchange of information by collectors past and present.

TV Party
Billy Ingram has recreated a world of days gone by. All those shows that meant so much are lovingly rendered at this very special TV Party!

Whirligig – British Television Nostalgia
A wonderful resource. And remember, many of those shows aired here as well.

This is a delightful trip back with some dear old friends, Kukla, Fran and Ollie and their creator, Burt Tillstrom.

Memorable TV
Another good site for the Golden Age of television

Classic TV Hits
Lots of great information with special emphasis on TVLand and Nick at Nite listings.

Classic Television – Images and Theme Songs
Just like the title says! Listen to those great old theme songs!

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Westerns and the Old West


The Old Corral
Chuck Anderson remembers the B-Western Movie, Heroes, Heroines & Heavies. And that’s where the site starts off. Great source!

Cowboy Directory: A Directory of Western Writers and Entertainers
If they ever even looked at a horse or gazed across the range, Stan Paregien has them listed! A terrific resource.

Lawman – Peter Brown
A wonderful tribute to this hunky actor and his great show.

Johnny Ringo
The place to go for full show info (including episode guide) and scads of stuff about Don Durant!

The Rifleman
For all you Chuck Connors fans!A great site with lots of info about that special Winchester, too!

Cowboy Stars
Western stars, theme music, guns and more.

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Oldies Car Stuff

Online Classic Car Magazine
If you want to know what’s going on in the classic car world, this is your site.

Auto List
A great classic car research and classified site if you’re looking to buy a classic car.

American Dream Cars
From Nancy Kramer, Get a vintage ride – Hundreds of 50s and 60s cars and street rods for sale. Free Color Picture Ads for Collector Cars.
Need to know what tool to use, or how to properly condition your leather? Hundreds of useful tips and tricks for your prized possession.

Classic Preservation Coalition
Information about restoring your classic vehicles which includes sources to buy those hard to find items!

Suntec Auto Glass

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General Fifties and Sixties Stuff

15 Iconic Roadside Diners: A Retro Roadmap
A delightful road trip to visit some of our national treasures (diners of course!)

Sir Hare
Quality shaving products from a bygone era.

Fabulous Fifties
A nice trip back to the Fifties, especially as it was experienced in Britain.

Quotations and trivia
From guide Simran Khurana, it includes toasts and every quote link imaginable.

Boomers Pinups – The Fifties Teen Idols
This site displays teen idol photos, saved and restored from Carolyn’s teeny bopper scrapbooks, songs and comments

Made By Hippies
If you like tie dye products this is the place. These folks Amanda & Erik are the real deal, they are genuine 60’s hippies who actually hand make all of their wonderful products, visit their website, it’s a real “trip”.

Made By Hippies Tie Dyes
Hey Good News – Erik and Amanda have a new tie-dye web site with even more designs and styles – you absolutely have to check this site out!

Nostalgic Stuff USA
Ever want to throw a 1950s theme party or just suprise a Boomer on their birthday, well check this site out! Lots of party supplies and costumes.

Senior Dating Sites
Enjoy comprehensive reviews of the top 10 senior dating sites.

Older Dating Sites
Compare the top (5) senior dating sites

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Useful Resources

Have questions about anything “Seniors”, well look no further than this very informative site, it includes housing and health tips and more!

Thinking of jumping into the dating pool? visit this site first Senior Dating Sites it will get you started in the right direction.

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