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Welcome to: Automobiles of the 1960's

60's cars


cars of the 1960's

60's cars

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1960 oldsmobile car

60s car

60s auto

1960 Oldsmobile 88

Less glitter and bulk the new Oldsmobile
was clean, streamlined and fairly attractive
models included Dynamic 88, Super 88 and ninety-eight
the larger 98 had a 3 inch longer wheelbase
and came as a convertible
Cost: $2,895.00
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60s autos
1960 Old's Ninety-Eight

60s automobile
60s vintage car

classic cars of 1961

1961 cadillac automobile

1960s autos

1961 Oldsmobile Dynamic 88

Bringing up the bottom of the full size line
the this Dynamic coupe got the same redesign as it's flashy sibling
Old's was betting that the full size market would come back
they also made a F-85 compact as to not abandon the economy market

Cost: $2,960.00

1960s Fords

1961 Oldsmobile Starfire

A new image emerged for Oldsmobile
going after a piece of the personal luxury market this new Starfire
was clean and crisp with a deluxe trim package which included
bucket seats and a center counsel, built on a Super 88 frame
but showing a 98's front end it came with it's own 330hp engine

Cost: $4,650.00 (convertible)

1960s automobiles

1961 oldsmobile car

1960s auto
60s American cars

cars of 1962

1962 oldsmobile car

1960s auto

1962 Oldsmobile Jetfire

The Old's F-85 was born last year
and this year we got it's bad brother the Jetfire
with a turbo charged 215 cid V-8 it wasn't an economy car
bucket seats and a center shifter made this a racy addition
to the small car offerings

Cost: $2,985.00
1960s American Automobiles

sixties cars

1963 auto

1963 Oldsmobile

A redesign left the new Old's 98 with clean sides
revamped rear styling (shown) was unique to the 98
the Starfire achieved anonymity from the 88 it was styled after
by getting a distinctive slanted hardtop roof

Cost: $3,890..00

60's auto

1963 Olds 98 automobile

60's car
60s cars

classic cars of 1964

1964 Oldsmobile car

60's autos

60's auto

1964 Oldsmobile F-85

Stretched to a mid sized 115 inch wheelbase
the F-85 received a new performance package named 442
it stood for four barrel carb, four speed manual transmission
and dual exhaust, it came standard with a 310hp V-8
the Cutlass was also re sized into a mid size offering

Cost: $3,085.00
60's automobile

1964 olds auto
1964 Ad for Oldsmobile

60's automobiles
sixties car

nostalgic cars of 1965

1965 oldsmobile starfire

1960's automobile

1965 Oldsmobile Starfire

Claiming the honor of most expensive Old's
this Starfire convertible cost more than full sized 98's
while the full sized models got a more rounded look
the Starfire remained straight sided
adding only a faux vented exhaust vent

Cost: $4,215.00
1960's automobiles
60s classic car

ford muscle cars of 1965

1966 Oldsmobile Toronado

Certainly the most important car this decade
for Oldsmobile and the most important for the industry this year
although Buick's Riviera tried, it fell short of the Oldsmobile Tornado
the innovative sleek and fluid styling would influence car makers into the 1980's
front wheel drive and the sloping fastback were not seen in America since the 1930's
despite it's size, this personal luxury car had a 385hp rocket under the hood

Cost: $4,205.00 (base)

60's auto

1966 oldsmobile automobile

60's car
60s cars

classic cars of 1967

1967 toronado car

1960's automobile

1967 Oldsmobile Toronado

A face lift simply to freshen the look
Toronado gets a new front end treatment and new tail lights
a women targeted ad campaign was not as successful as hoped
it turns out that although men bought the personal luxury models
it was already the women who were actually driving them

Cost: $4,385.00

1960's automobiles

60s classic car

muscle cars of 1968

1968 Oldsmobile 442

Known as the most well balanced muscle car
the 442 handled better looked tougher and with
a 360hp V-8 featuring ram type air induction
no one could ignore it in the quarter mile either

Editors note: This was my first car and believe the hype
It was really fast!!

Cost: $3,345.00
60's auto

1968 olds 442

60's car
60s cars

classic cars of 1969

sixties auto

sixties cars

1969 Oldsmobile Toronado

Toronado got a redesign last year
so not much changed for '69 except some interior trim
a new 400hp huge V-8 was offered on the Custom trim level
Custom and Basic two doors models were the only options
the new 455 V-8 was also available for the 442

Cost: $4,835.00 (base)
sixties autos

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