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Welcome to: Automobiles of the 1950's

50's cars


cars of the 1950's

50's cars
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1950 Buick Roadmaster car

50s car

50s auto

1950 Buick Roadmaster Convertible

"You're Lord of Every Highway in the Luxurious Roadmaster"
according to the Buick ads, this convertible was the top of the line for Buick

Cost: $2,981.00

50s cars

50s autos
Harley Earl designed GM show car the LaSabre
they also showed another experimental show car named the XP-300

50s automobile

50s vintage car

classic cars of 1951

1951 Buick Special car

50s vintage cars

1951 Buick Special

Bottom of the price pyramid but still popular with buyers,
the Specials came with the same engine as the Supers
and borrowed a few style features from the Riviera

Cost: $2,480.00

50s vintage auto
50s vintage autos

classic cars of 1952

1952 Buick Special Riviera

A Coupe was the only style available in the Riviera trim
all Buick's got only a minor facelift this year
with some trim changes and a new four barrel carb

Cost: $2,295.00

50s vintage automobiles

1952 Buick Riveria

50s vintage automobile
50s vintage automobiles

classic cars of 1953

1953 Buick Roadmaster car

50's car

fifties classic cars

1953 Buick Roadmaster

Trivia Quiz
How do you tell the difference in a Roadmaster and a Super:
look at the fender portholes, the Roadmaster has four a Super only has three

Cost: $3,358.00

50's cars

Buick's 50th Anniversary

Buick automobiles

50's auto

cars of 1954

1954 Buick Century Station Wagon

Buick succumbs to buyers pressure to build an all steel station wagon
but they're not geared up for it so the bodies are made by Ionia Manufacturing
and shipped to the assembly plant by truck

Cost: $3,175.00

50's automobile

1954 Buick car

50's autos
fifties American car

classic cars of 1955

1955 Buick Roadmaster car

fifties american cars

1955 Buick Roadmaster

The Roadmaster was the heavyweight of the line
both in tonnage and price
Buick moves up in sales rank to third place
but still lags far behind Chevy and Ford

Cost: $3,453.00

fifties american auto
fifties american autos

classic cars of 1956

1956 Buick Century Riviera

Each Buick series offered a convertible except the Riviera
it came in two or four-door hardtops only,
the Century still outsold the Riviera

Cost: $2,457.00

fifties American automobiles

1956 Buick car

fifties american automobile
1950's car

cars of 1957

1957 Buick Century car

1950's cars

1957 Buick Century

A needed and ambitious restyle for all Buick's this year
the redesign also includes a new 300hp V-8 engine in all the new models
except the Special which still got the smaller V-8 or a Six

Cost: $3,245.00

1950's auto

1950's autos

vintage cars of 1958

1958 Buick Limited Riviera

Buick brings back the Limited line
making it a similarly priced alternative to a Cadillac
the Limited's get more chrome and a new grill to set them apart

Cost: $5,115.00

50s car

1958 Buick Riviera car

1950's automobiles
50s cars

classic cars of 1959

1959 Buick LaSabre car

50s auto

1959 Buick LaSabre

This redesign was so revolutionary
that Buick had to come up with new model names
it might of had something to do with sagging sales as well
LeSabre, Invicta and Electra were chosen LaSabre being the lowest cost

Cost: $2,849.00

50s autos

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