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Welcome to: Automobiles of the 1950's

50's cars


cars of the 1950's

50's cars
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1950 Plymouth car

50s auto

1950 Plymouth cars

50s automobiles

1950 Plymouth DeLuxe Convertible

With a 97hp engine and styling only it's Mother could love,
the Plymouth line was not a priority for Chrysler at this time

Cost: $1,980.00

50s autos

1950 cars

1950 auto

cars of 1951

1951 Plymouth Cranbrook Belvedere

New model for this year, geared more for the man,
but with "plenty of room to take the family along"

Cost: $2,114.00

1950s automobiles

1951 Plymouth Auto
1950s autos
50s American cars

cars of 1952

1952 Plymouth
1950s cars

1952 Plymouth Belvedere

Most of the changes for this year were under the hood,
new shocks and springs, better brakes, easier shifting
and a new two-tone paint affect which was a Plymouth exclusive

Cost: $2,190.00 (with two-tone paint)

1950s American cars

1950s American automobiles

cars of 1953

1953 Plymouth Belvedere

TV host Art Linkletter is seen pitching a new Plymouth,
this one had the optional wire wheels but still looked a little stubby

Cost: $2,187.00

1950's cars

1950's automobiles

1953 Plymouth

1950s American auto

1953 Plymouth cars
An ad for Borg Warner

1950's auto's
1950's American Automobiles

cars of 1959

1954 Plymouth car

1950s cars

1954 Plymouth Plaza

Plaza was Plymouth's new budget priced model
the four-door sedan (shown) cost only $1750.00
these cars were stripped down but still had good sales

Cost: $1,756.00

1950s autos

1950s automobiles

cars of 1955

1955 Plymouth Belvedere Sport Coupe

Still marketed as low priced, new Sportone body trim
and racing style two-tone paint gave this model a fresh image

Cost: $2,088.00

1950s american autos

1955 Plymouth Car

1950s american cars
1950s american auto

cars of 1956

1956 Plymouth  automobile
1950s american automobiles

1956 Plymouth Fury

With the mid-season launch of the Fury
styling had finally arrived at Plymouth
with a 240hp engine it was also the beefiest one in the lineup

Cost: $2,866.00

fifties cars
fifties car

cars of 1957

1957 Plymouth Fury

Eggshell white with gold anodized accents was the color of the Fury for the second year
the grill got a meaner look and the "shark" fins grew several inches

Cost: $2,900.00

fifties auto

1957 Plymouth Fury

fifties auto
fifties autos

cars of 1958

1958 plymouth car

fifties automobile

1958 Plymouth Fury

Sportone trim and anodized aluminum give it a sporty look,
the four-door Belvedere Sedan was the best seller in the line

Trivia Note:
The 1983 John Carpenter movie "Christine" was about a '58 Plymouth Fury
but in fact several Belvederes and Savoys were used as well
in this horror flick based on a Stephen King novel
by the same name about a possessed car

Cost: $3,032.00

fifties automobiles
fifties American cars

fifties American Autos

1959 Plymouth Sport Fury

A dash plaque on this model read "Made Expressly For ..."
notice the styling change with the simulated spare tire

Cost: $2,997.00

fifties American automobiles

1959 Plymouth Fury car

fifties American auto

1950's Plymouth cars

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