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I LOVE LUCY - Page Two

Season 4 pics

I Love Lucy on DVD
Complete 6th Season!

I Love Lucy on DVD
Lucy-Desi Comedy Hours DVD
Complete 7-9 Seasons

I Love Lucy

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Lucy on VHS & DVD

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I Love Lucy

I Love Lucy

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August 06, 2015 Lucy would be 104 Years Old

I Love Lucy DVD
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I Love Lucy: Complete 1st Season
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I Love Lucy

10/15/1951 - 6/24/1957 CBS 30 minutes
B&W - 179 episodes

Based in part on the radio show "My Favorite Husband"

The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour

11/6/1957 - 4/1/1960 CBS 60 minutes

Lucy in Connecticut

4/3/1960 - 11/25/1960 CBS 30 minutes
Retitled stories of Lucy and Desi in their home in Westport, Connecticut

I Love Lucy Cast

Lucille Ball as Lucy (MacGillicuddy) Ricardo
Desi Arnaz as Ricky Ricardo
Vivian Vance as Ethel Mertz
William Frawley as Fred Mertz
Little Ricky :
(1953) Richard and Ronald Simmons
(1954-56) Michael and Joseph Mayer
(1956-57) Keith Thibodeaux

Jerry Hausner as Jerry, the agent (1951-1954)
Elizabeth Patterson as Mrs. Mathilda Trumbull (1953-1956)
Doris Singleton as Caroline Appleby (1953-1957)
Kathryn Card as Mrs. MacGillicuddy (1955-1956)
Mary Jane Croft as Betty Ramsey (1957)
Frank Nelson as Ralph Ramsey (1957)

I Love Lucy Theme Song

"I Love Lucy" by Harold Adamson and Eliot Daniel

"I love Lucy and she loves me
We're as happy as two can be
Sometimes we quarrel but then
How we love making up again
Lucy kisses like no one can
She's my Mrs. and I'm her man
And life is heaven you see
'Cause I love Lucy
Yes I love Lucy
And Lucy loves me! "

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I Love Lucy Photo
Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz

Lucille Ball -  I Love Lucy
Lucille Ball

Desi Arnaz -  I Love Lucy
Desi Arnaz

I Love Lucy Wavs

From the Chocolate Factory Episode
Ricky: Lucy I'm Home
Lucy: Don't You Dare!
Now Looo-cy
I'm Your Vitameatavegamin Girl
Isn't that a Dilly?
Lucy wailing
This is a Ricky Ricardo Production
I Love Lucy

Desilu Studios - I Love Lucy
Desilu: The Story of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz -BOOK

I Love Lucy 50th book
Complete Picture History; Authorized by the Lucille Ball Estate

Lucille Ball
The Lucy Book: A Complete Guide to Her Five Decades on Television

Lucille Ball - I Love Lucy
Laughs, Luck...and Lucy
(with "I LOVE LUCY's Lost Scenes" Audio CD)

External Links
TV Guide's I Love Lucy Page, with TV Listings, Photos, Videos, Exclusive News and More.

I Love Lucy Tidbits

Lucille Ball was a pathfinder who paved the way for all the women in TV to follow. Without Lucy, arguably, there might not have been a Carol Burnett or Mary Tyler Moore.

She proved women could be the leads and carry a show. Not one show, but several.

She was the first female head of a studio. While running Desilu, her willingness to take a risk lead her to approve production of Mission Impossible and Star Trek. That's right, without Lucille Ball, no Captain Kirk.

She was a woman who didn't mind looking funny, as long as she WAS funny.

None of which takes away from Desi Arnaz's estimable talents as a producer. His "can do" attitude made the "I Love Lucy Show" work. He innovated the three camera filming format still in use today. Previously, shows like this were performed before a live audience and preserved on kinescope which makes poor copies. Desi's filiming of Lucy is the reason there are great copies today.

For the "I Love Lucy Show" the casting of William Frawley and the then unknown Vivian Vance was sheer genius. Although Vance was often unhappy to be playing the frumpy wife of a man who was 22 years her senior, she would stick with Lucille Ball into the "Lucille Ball Show" and "Here's Lucy."

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William Frawley died in 1966 of a heart attack, Vivian Vance in 1979 of breast and bone cancer, Desi Arnaz in 1986 of lung cancer, and Lucille Ball in 1989 of an acute rupture of the abdominal aorta.

Lucille Ball's second husband, Gary Morton, died in 1999 of lung cancer.

I Love Lucy - family
Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz,
Lucie Arnaz, Desi Arnaz Jr.
I Love Lucy cast
Vivian Vance, Desi Arnaz,
William Frawley and Lucille Ball


Vivian Vance -  I Love Lucy
Vivian Vance

I Love Lucy Trivia

See picture at left

Best Situation Comedy - 1952,1953

Best Comedienne - Lucille Ball - 1952

Best Series Supporting Actress
Vivian Vance - 1953

Best Actress, Continuing Performance
Lucille Ball - 1955

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