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Fifties Pop History There are 47,200,000 TV sets in use in 39,500,000 homes. - Fun, Fads, & Fashions from the Fabulous 50’s

The 1950s General Foods Corp. introduces TANG breakfast beverage crystals.
Fifties Pop History Barry Gordy, Jr. invests $700 to found "Motown Records." And the rest, as they say... is history.
The 1950s Velcro is patented by George de Mestral of Switzerland.
Fifties Pop History Greyhound inaugurates the "It's such a comfort to take the bus and leave the driving to us" ad campaign.
The 1950s The 13-year-old Bobby Fisher becomes a chess champion.
Fifties Pop History Major John Glenn, Jr. sets an air speed record by traveling from California to New York in a jet in 3 hours, 23 minutes, and 8.4 seconds.
The 1950s It's here! The Pink Flamingo! Read the story!
Fifties Pop History Houston, we have a problem...Sputnik is launched.
The 1950s AFL-CIO votes to expel the Teamsters, which was readmitted in October 1987.
Fifties Pop History On the Air! You'd find 2,974 AM radio, 530 FM radio and 471 TV Stations.
The 1950s Music Man, starring Robert Preston, opens on Broadway. Buy the Movie on DVD or Buy the Movie Cast on CD.
Fifties Pop History West Side Story, the energetic combination of talents, Leonard Bernstein (music), Stephen Sondheim (lyrics) and Jerome Robbins (choreography) opens on Broadway. Buy the Movie on DVD or Buy the Movie Cast on CD.
The 1950s Britian becomes the 3rd nation to join the "nuclear club" with the explosion of an atomic weapon.
Fifties Pop History Anthony Eden resigns and Harold Macmillan becomes Prime Minister Britain
The 1950s More news from Merry Ole England. Britain's Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip visit Dwight and Mamie Eisenhower at the White House. Talk about your fun crowd...
Fifties Pop History Ed Gein's killing and mutilation spree is over as he is arrested. Gein was the inspiration for Norman Bates in Psycho and Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs. Read more on Ed Gein.
The 1950s Eveready produces "AA" size alkaline batteries for use in "personal transistor radios."
Fifties Pop History And the winner is...Oscar stuff.
The 1950s B-52 bombers begin full-time flying alert in case of USSR attack
Fifties Pop History Ghana (formerly Gold Coast) declares independence from UK as does Malayasia (formerly Malaya).
The 1950s Jackie Robinson, perhaps the finest athelete of the century, announced his retirement from baseball
Fifties Pop History In Sports...
The 1950s Elizabeth Taylor's 2nd divorce (from Michael Wilding) and 3rd marriage (to Mike Todd) Can you recall all her marriages?
Fifties Pop History Singers Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme wed in Las Vegas.
The 1950s Please Don't Eat the Daises by Jean Kerr is a book smash!
Fifties Pop History James Hoffa gains control of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters
The 1950s The Frisbee is renamed and nationally marketed!
Fifties Pop History One thousand computers are sold. And not one of them had a Windows operating system. Imagine that.
The 1950s Chairman Mao of China implements his "Great Leap Forward" which places 1 million Chinese in communes.
Fifties Pop History On September 4, the last game is played at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn as the Dodgers prepare to move to LA. On February 23 of 1960, they tear the stadium down. Days that will live in infamy!
for more sports or 1957 in sports
The 1950s Wagon Train debuts on TV. The Wagon Train Website. Also, Have Gun Will Travel, Tales of Wells Fargo and Maverick. The Fifties Web Western Section.
Fifties Pop History The National Geographic announces that it has found the resting place of the H.M.S. Bounty.
The 1950s American Bandstand goes national with Dick Clark as host. The Fifties Web American Bandstand Pages.
Fifties Pop History Senator Joseph McCarthy dies of cirrhosis of the liver. Good riddance.
The 1950s The first large scale American nucleur power plant goes into operation in Shippensport, PA and will service Pittsburgh.
Fifties Pop History The average American production worker is now making $82.32 a week.
The 1950s 5,000 new products wil hit the supermarket shelves, including YES YES YES - frozen pizza.
Fifties Pop History This is the EDSEL!
The 1950s Prime commercial paper (4 to 6 mos) was at 3.81%. In New York City a commercial loan ran 4.47%
Fifties Pop History At a Miami radio station, new employee Lawrence Harvey Zeiger abruptly adopts a stage name - Larry King - and begins broadcasting.
The 1950s NYC ends trolley car service
Fifties Pop History Pulitzer prize awarded to John F. Kennedy for Profiles in Courage.
The 1950s Treaty of Rome establishes European Economic Community (Common Market)
Fifties Pop History The publication of Jack Kerouac's On the Road introduces the words "beat" and "beatnik" into the American popular consciousness and gives a name to a generation. Buy the book!
The 1950s Americans Clarence W. Lillehie and Earl Bakk invent the internal pacemaker.
Fifties Pop History Theodore Geisel writes Cat in the Hat as Dr. Seuss! Buy:The Cat In The Hat on DVD
The 1950s The Little Rock Nine require federal intervention. Other events from Civil Rights in '57.
Fifties Pop History There is a 51.7% business failure rate.Chart for 1946-1964
The 1950s I can't believe it isn't...Margarine sales take the lead over butter.
Fifties Pop History Williams-Sonoma opens in San Francisco. Alright!
The 1950s Better Homes & Gardens prints its first microwave-cooking article.
Fifties Pop History American will import 258,343 passenger cars.
The 1950s Proctor and Gamble acquired Charmin Paper Mills, a regional manufacturer of toilet tissue, towels and napkins. Dick Wilson, aka Mr. Whipple was a mere 41 years old. P&G also introduces Zest Soap.
Fifties Pop History There are 38,702 motor vehicle related deaths. While in the air, there were 6 accidents resulting in 70 fatalities.
The 1950s Unemployment is 4.3%
Fifties Pop History U.S. GNP (Gross National Product) is $460.7 billion

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