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Celebrity Birthdays 1960's

1968 Celebrity Birthdays

United States Population = 199,399,000
World Population = 3,562,227,755

January 02
January 09
January 12
January 14
January 15
January 21
January 24
January 28
January 29

February 01
February 01
February 08
February 10
February 12
February 13
February 14
February 14
February 22

March 02
March 04
March 06
March 11
March 14
March 23
March 26
March 29
March 30

April 05
April 08
April 14
April 15
April 18
April 19
April 24

May 12
May 20
May 26
May 27
May 27
May 28

June 01
June 10
June 14
June 21
June 28

July 07
July 07
July 08
July 08
July 10
July 15
July 16
July 17
July 19
July 27
July 30

August 09
August 09
August 12
August 14
August 15
August 17
August 21
August 25
August 28

September 04
September 04
September 10
September 11
September 17
September 20
September 25
September 26
September 27
September 28

October 01
October 08
October 11
October 12
October 12
October 15
October 17
October 31

November 03
November 08
November 11
November 12
November 13
November 18
November 18
November 20
November 25
November 25
November 29

December 02
December 03
December 05
December 08
December 09
December 15
December 18

Cuba Gooding Jr.
Joey Lauren Adams
Keith Anderson
LL Cool J
Chad Lowe
Charlotte Ross
Mary Lou Retton
Sarah McLachlan
Edward Burns

Lisa Marie Presley
Mark Recchi
Gary Coleman
Laurie Foell
Chynna Phillips
Kelly Hu
Jules Asner
Molly Ringwald
Jeri Ryan

Daniel Craig
Patsy Kensit
Moria Kelly
Lisa Loeb
James Frain
Mitch Cullin
Kenny Chesney
Lucy Lawless
Celine Dion

Paula Cole
Patricia Arquette
Anthony Michael Hall
Stacey Williams
David Hewlett
Ashley Judd
Stacy Haiduk

Tony Hawk
Timothy Olyphant
Crown Prince Fredrick
Jeff Bagwell
Frank Thomas
Kylie Minogue

Jason Donovan
Bill Burr
Yasmine Bleeth
Adam Woodyatt

Jorja Fox
Jeff VanderMeer
Billy Crudup
Michael Weatherly
Jonathon Gilbert
Stan Kirsch
Barry Sanders
Darren Day
Jim Norton
Julian McMahon
Terry Crews

Gillian Anderson
Eric Bana
Andras Jones
Catherine Bell
Debra Messing
Ed McCaffrey
Dina Carrol
Richard Ray
Billy Boyd

Phill Lewis
Mike Piazza
Guy Ritchie
Kay Hanley
Leah Pinsent
Will Smith
James Caviezel
Partrick Muldoon
Naomi Watts

Jay Underwood
Emily Procter
Jane Krakowski
Hugh Jackman
Adam Rich
Vanessa Marcil
Ziggy Marley
Vanilla Ice

Debbie Rochon
Parker Posey
David L Cook
Sammy Sosa
Steve Zahn
Owen Wilson
Gary Sheffield
John Trobaugh
Jill Hennessy
Jacqueline Hennessy
Howard K Stern

Lucy Liu
Brendan Fraser
Margaret Cho
Mike Mussina
Kurt Angle
Garrett Wang
Rachel Griffiths

Actor (Jerry Maquire)
Actress (Chasing Amy)
Country Musician
Hip Hop Musician
Actor (Life Goes On)
Actress (NYPD Blue)
Olympic Gymnast
Canadian Singer
Film Director (She's The One)

Singer (Daughter of Elvis)
Canadian Hockey Player
Actor (Different Strokes)
New Zealand Actress (Home and Away)
Singer (Wilson Phillips)
Actress (Nash Bridges)
TV Host (E! Network)
Actress (Pretty in Pink)
Actress Star Trek: Voyager)

British Actor (James Bond Films)
British Actress (Lethal Weapon 2)
Actress (One Tree Hill)
British Actor (The Tudors)
Novelist (Tidelend)
Country Musician
New Zealand Actress (Xena:)
Canadian Singer (My Heart Will Go On)

Country Musician
Actress (Medium)
Actor (Sixteen Candles)
Model (Sports Illustrated)
Canadian Actor (Stargate Atlantis)
Actress (Kiss the Girls)
Actress (Superboy)

Actor (Deadwood)
Prince of Denmark
Baseball Player
Baseball Player
Australian Pop Singer

Australian Actor (Neighbors)
Actress (Baywatch)
English Singer
English Actor (EastEnders)

Actress (CSI)
Author (City of Saints and Madmen)
Actor (Almost Famous)
Actor (NCIS)
Actor (Little House on Prairie)
Actor (Highlander)
Football Player
English Actor
Actor (Nip / Tuck)
Actor (Everybody Hates Chris)

Actress (X Files)
Australian Actor (Troy)
Actor (Nightmare on Elm Street)
Actress (JAG)
Actress (Will and Grace)
Football Player
British Singer (Special Kind of Love)
TV Cooking Show
Scottish Actor (The Lord of the Rings)

Actor (Suite Life of Zack ..)
Baseball Player
English Film Director
Alternative Rock Musician
Singer Songwriter (I'm Outta Love)
Canadian Actress (The bay Boy)
Actor (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air)
Actor (Passion of the Christ)
Actor (Starship Troopers)
Australian Actress (The Ring)

Actor (Uncle Buck)
Actress (CSI: Miami)
Actress (30Rock)
Australian Actor (Kate &: Leopold)
Actor (Eight is Enough)
Actress (Las Vegas)
Jamaican Musician (Son of Bob Marley)
Hip Hop Musician

Canadian Actress
Actress ("Queen of the Indies")
Christian Muscian
Dominican Baseball Player
Actor (Out of Sight)
Actor (Wedding Crashers)
Baseball Player
Photographer and Artist
Canadian Actress (Crossing Jordan)
Canadian Talk Show Host
Attorney (Friend of Anna Nicole Smith)

Actress (Ally McBeal)
Canadian Actor (The Mummy)
Standup Comic
Baseball Player
Olympic Wrestler
Actor (Star Trek: Voyger)
Australian Actress(Brothers & Sisters)


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