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1960s sports highlights


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1960s SPORTS

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1950s SPORTS

Baseball was still America's game. Originally mostly a spectator sport television brought an ever increasing popularity. Stars became heroes teams turned into sources for local and state pride. During major games city streets might lay deserted and jobs could sit unfinished so that fans could sit in front of the TV and cheer their favorite teams to victory. Baseball was the game and the "Boys of Summer" ruled the sports world.

60s sports See below for a chronological look at the big games and the big players.


1960 baseball
sixties sports

Ted Williams 1960 Ted Williams Baseball

1960 World Series
Pittsburgh Pirates - 4
NY Yankees - 3
MVP - Yankees / Bobby Richardson

Other Highlights:
  • Ted Williams retires
  • Mickey Mantle hits a 643 foot home run to go into the Guinness Book of World Records
  • Bill Mazeroski in the last game of the World Series in the bottom of the 9th inning hits a home run to break a 9-9 tie and win the game and the series
  • The National League expands to 10 teams by adding teams in Houston and New York the expansion won't take effect until 1962


1961 World Series
New York Yankees - 4
Cincinnati Reds - 1
MVP - Yankees / Whitey Ford
Other Highlights:
  • Roger Maris hits his 61st home run breaking Babe Ruth's single season record
  • The newly formed Los Angles Angels play their first season
  • Roger Maris is named 1961 MVP
  • Sadly Ty Cobb passes away. he held more achievement records than any other player, ever

sports highlights
1961 sports history

Roger Maris NY Yankees Baseball Cincinnati Reds
sixties sports
60s sports

Mickey Mantle
New York Yankees

1962 World Series
New York Yankees - 4
San Francisco Giants - 3
MVP - Yankees / Ralph Terry
Other Highlights:
  • Brothers Hank and Tommie Aaron both hit home runs at the same game in the same inning for the Braves
  • Bob Allison and Harmon Killebrew connect to both hit grand slam home runs in the same inning for the Minnesota Twins
  • Jackie Robinson and Bob Feller are inducted into the Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility
  • The Cy Young Award goes to Don Drysdale


1963 World Series
Los Angeles Dodgers - 4
New York Yankees - 0
MVP - Yankees / Sandy Koufax
Other Highlights:
  • MLB returned to playing only one All Star Game - the NL defeats the AL 5-3
  • Expansion teams Houston Colt 45s, Don Nottebart pitches his first no hitter
  • Sandy Koufax wins the Cy Young award as well as MVP of the National League
  • Pete Rose is rookie of the year even though he went 11 at bats without a hit

1960s sports
sixties baseball

60s baseball Los Angeles Dodgers


1960s baseball
sixties sports history

Willie Mays San Francisco Giants

1964 World Series
St. Louis Cardinals - 4
New York Yankees - 3
MVP - St. Louis Cardinals / Bob Gibson
Other Highlights:
  • Brand new Shea Stadium has it's first game with home town Mets losing
  • The National League bested the American League 7-4 in the All Star Game
  • The Boyer brothers, Ken for St. Louis and Clete for the Yankees both hit home runs in the World Series game
  • Jim Bunning of the Philadelphia Phillies pitches a perfect game
  • Dean Chance of the Los Angeles Angels wins the Cy Young Award

1965 World Series
Los Angeles Dodgers - 4
Minnesota Twins - 3
MVP - Dodgers / Sandy Koufax
Other Highlights:
  • Willie Mays hits his 500th home run against Houston in the Astrodome
  • A fifteen minute brawl ensued between the Giants and the Dodgers, it was started by Juan Marichal at bat and the Dodger catcher
  • The National League wins the All Star Game again with a score of 6-5
  • The Cy Young Award went to Sandy Koufax

sixties sports history
60s sports history

Los Angeles Dodgers
1960s sports history
sixties sports

Frank Robinson Cincinnati Reds Pittsburgh Pirates

1966 Worlds Series
Baltimore Orioles - 4
Los Angeles Dodgers - 0
MVP - Orioles / Frank Robinson
Other Highlights:
  • Ted Williams is inducted into the Hall of Fame
  • Frank Robinson wins the batting Triple Crown with a batting average of .316,  49 home runs and 122 RBIs.
  • Willie Mays hits his 512th breaking the National League record
  • The All Star Game is taken by the National League, 2-1
  • Sandy Koufax clinches the Cy Young Award

1967 World Series
St. Louis Cardinals - 4
Boston Red Sox - 3
MVP - St. Louis / Bob Gibson
Other Highlights:
  • Mickey Mantle hits his 500th home run to join a select club with only 6 members
  • Eddie Mathews becomes the 7th member of the 500 home run club
  • Pete Rose hits 2 home runs, one as a lefty and one right handed, this is a first in a single game
  • The National League wins the longest ever All Star Game (15 innings, three hours and 41 minutes) by 2-1
  • The Cy Young Award is now awarded to players in both Leagues this year is Jim Lonborg (AL) and Mike McCormick (NL)

60s Sports
1960s Sports

Carl Yastrzemski Boston Red Sox
  Sixties Baseball
60s Baseball

Bob Gibson St Louis Cardinals
1968 Worlds Series
Detroit Tigers - 4
St. Louis Cardinals - 3
MVP - Detroit / Mickey Lolich
Other Highlights:
  • Hank Aaron hits home run number 500 to become the ninth member of the 500 club
  • Jim Bunning ties Cy Young's record of pitching 1000 strikeouts in both the American and National Leagues
  • The Rules Committee decided to decrease the size of the strike zone and lower the pitchers mound by 2 inches to allow for better batting
  • All Star Game, National League - 1, American League - 0
  • The Cy Young Award goes to Denny McLain (AL) and Bob Gibson (NL)

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1969 World Series
New York Mets - 4
Baltimore Orioles - 1
MVP - NY Mets / Donn Clendenon
Other Highlights:
  • 4 expansion teams start play - Montreal Expos, Seattle Pilots, San Diego Padres and Kansas City Royals
  • After several bad seasons Mickey Mantle retires from Major League Baseball
  • The National League pummels the American League, 9 - 4 in the All Star Game
  • Denny McLain (AL) and Tom Seaver (NL) were the Cy Young winners

1960s Baseball
Sixties Sports History

Lou Piniella New York Yankees

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