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Fifties Stars Today

PAGE TWO (Westerns)

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Remember, Bill Sasser has taped interviews with all these people and more!

James Drury Roberta Shore Randy Boone
James Drury
The Virginian
1997 Williamsburg Film Festival
Roberta Shore
The Virginian
1996 Asheville Film Festival
Randy Boone
The Virginian
2000 Charlotte Film Festival

Clayton Moore John Hart Kirby Grant
Clayton Moore
The Lone Ranger
1983 Memphis Film Festival
*Clayton Moore died in 1999
John Hart
The Lone Ranger
1989 Raleigh Film Festival
Kirby Grant
Sky King
1984 Raleigh Film Festival
*Kirby Grant died in l985

Sheb Wooley Paul Brinegar Peter Breck
Sheb Wooley
1996 Charlotte Western Film Fair
Paul Brinegar
1992 Charlotte Film Festival
*Paul Brinegar died in 1995
Peter Breck
The Big Valley

Jock Mahoney Gene Evans Dick Jones
Jock Mahoney
Yancy Derringer
*Jock Mahoney died in 1989
Gene Evans
My Friend Flicka
1994 Asheville Film Festival
*Gene Evans died in 1998
Dick Jones
The Range Rider
Buffalo Bill, Jr.
2000 Knoxville Film Festival.

Michael Ansara John Lupton Richard Simmons
Michael Ansara
Broken Arrow
1988 Charlotte Film Festival
John Lupton
Broken Arrow
Days of Our Lives
1993 Charlotte Film Festival
*John Lupton died in 1993
Richard Simmons
Sgt. Preston of the Yukon
1992 Knoxville Film Festival.

Jan Merlin
Jan Merlin
Rough Riders
Hellbent For Leather
1998 Williamsburg Film Festival

Page One (Westerns) Page Three
Page Two (Westerns) Page Four

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