Many books were used in the creation of this site. Some are listed here. Quite a few are now out of print. But not to worry I have included links to where you can find most of them.

Bibliography Sections:

The Fifties
by David Halberstam
Great overview of the decade. This book was made into a 6 part documentary
The Glory and the Dream: A Narrative History of America, 1932-1972
by William Manchester
Chock full of interesting details. A nice look at recent American history done in narrative style.
The Tumultuous Fifties: A View from the New York Times Photo Archives
by Douglas Dreishpoon, Alan Trachtenberg, Luc Sante (Contributor), Nancy Weinstock (Contributor)
Really wonderful pictures!!
The American Dream: The 50’s (Our American Century)
from Time-Life Books Editors
As always, Time-Life does a bang-up job of recreating a decade. Using both text and pictures, this books gives the reader a good feel for those days.
When the Going Was Good ! American Life in the Fifties
byJeffrey Hart
A nice addition to the library
From Elvis to E-mail
Trends, Events, and Trivia from the Postwar Era to the End of the Century
by Paul Dickson
A good sketch of many years, not just Fifties.
The 50s: The Story of a Decade
by The New Yorker Magazine and Henry Finder
In classic New Yorker style, a tongue in cheek look at the 1950s
1950s Housewife: Marriage and Homemaking in the 1950s
by Sheila Hardy
A fact filled look into typical 50s family
The 60s: The Story of a Decade
by The New Yorker Magazine and Henry Finder
Another insightful look into a tumultuous decade


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The 1950’s (Fashion Sourcebooks)
by John Peacock
A good general overview
Fashion Sourcebooks: The 1960s (Fashion Sourcebooks)
by John Peacock
Another great general overview
Fashions of a Decade: The 1950s
by Patricia Baker
One of a series. Many color pics.
Fifty Years of Fashion: New Look to Now
by Valerie Steele
An amazing chronology of fashion
New York Fashion
by Caroline Rennolds Milbank
A very complete list of the designers of this century
The Long and Short of It: The Madcap History of the Skirt
by Ali Basye
Short, sweet and fun, full of cute illustrations
The 50’s
(20th Century Pop Culture)

by Dan Epstein
Movies, tunes, fads, celebs…pretty much everything.
Celebrating American Food: A Food Lover’s Compendium of Events and Anecdotes, from Prehistory to the Present
by James Trager
I like this book. The narrative style takes you through an American history of food. More than 100 recipes and pics from the Library of Congress.
The Food Chronology
byJames Trager
Trivia nuts will have a feast. It’s a bit disjointed but jam packed with information.
Fifties Style: Then and Now
by Richard Horn
Furniture, architecture, tableware…you name it. A great book.
Fifty Fashion Looks that Changed the 1950s: Design Museum Fifty
by Paula Reed
Designs and styles that made the decade such a fashion standout
60s Fashion: Vintage Fashion and Beauty Ads
by Jim Heiman and Laura Schooling
Lots and lots of interesting tid-bits about the relationship between fashion and advertising
Swinging Britain: Fashion in the 1960s
by Mark Armstrong
It all started in those little boutiques in London, this tells the how’s and why’s.
Fashionable Clothing from the Sears Catalogs: Late 1950s
by Joy Shih and Shih
Maybe it wasn’t seen on the runway but Sears fashion is what most women wore


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Total Television : The Comprehensive Guide to Programming from 1948 to the Present (4th Ed)
by Alex McNeil
My favorite reference. I rely on this everyday. All the shows, even the rare or short-lived.
The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows (Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows, Ed 7)
by Tim Brooks, Earle Marsh
Another excellent reference. 1363 pages.
Prime-Time Hits: Television’s Most Popular Network Programs, 1950 to the Present
by Susan Sackett
From the 50s to the beginnings of the 90s. Good info on the big name shows.
The Best of 50s TV
by Michael McCall
Not many shows, but great pictures! A good addition to a library.
Television’s Greatest Year: 1954
by Richard D. Heldenfels
Forward by Steve Allen. A narrative history.
Written Out of Television: A TV Lover’s Guide to Cast Changes:1945-1994
by Steven Lance
Fascinating. Ever wonder why your favorite characters disappeared! this tells the story.
The Official Mickey Mouse Club Book
by Lorraine Santoli
A delightful book which will take you back.
Dick Clark’s American Bandstand
by Dick Clark, Fred Bronson
His story.


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Billboard’s Hottest Hot 100 Hits
by Fred Bronson
My favorite reference. I rely on this everyday. Good information and song lists to 1994. Specialty lists as well.
The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits
by Joel Whitburn
Another excellent reference. I have an older version but you might as well get the current edition.
The Billboard Book of Number One Hits
by Fred Bronson
Great, huge book. 912 pages.
Billboard Top 1000 Singles 1955-1996 : The 1000 Biggest Hits of the Rock Era
by Joel Whitburn
Another very handy little book.
Rock Archives: A Photographic Journey Through the First Two Decades of Rock and Roll
by Michael Ochs
Wonderful and rare pictures. Introduction by Peter Guralnick.
The Story of Rock `N’ Roll: The Year-By-Year Illustrated Chronicle
by Paul Du Noyer
Year by year through the early 90s.
This Day in Rock: Day by Day Record of Rock’s Biggest News Stories
by John Tobler
A wonderful day by day listing of Rock events.
Rock & Roll…And the Beat Goes On
by Cousin “Brucie” Morrow
A great in depth view from a real “insider”.
Then, Now and Rare British Beat 1960-1969
by Terry Rawlings
Some unique stories and photos.
Making Your Memories with Rock & Roll and Doo-Wop: The Music and Artists of the 1950s and Early 1960s
by J.C. De Ladurantey
All the biggest and best that filled the airwaves
No.1 Love Songs of the 1950sRemember where you and your gal were when this love song played? Take a stroll down memory lane.

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Fifties Flashback: The American Car by Dennis Adler An interesting take on the Auto Industry
Cars of the 50s
by Auto Editors of Consumer Guide
 Great resource, facts and photos
American Cars of the 1950s
by Robert Genat and David Newhardt
 The cars are somewhat cherry-picked but another good resource
60s Cars (Icons)
by Jim Heimann and Tony Thacker
 Your favorites with history and lots of good pics.
Selling the American Muscle Car: Marketing Detroit Iron in the 60s and 70s
by Diego Rosenberg
 Take a peek inside the Auto Industry’s secrets to selling
Cars of the 60s
by Auto Editors of Consumer Guide
 These series of books are the gold standard for researchers
Cars of the 1960sA Fabulous resource,
lots of research and great pictures
Cars of the Fabulous ’50sAnother great resource,
some of the same editors, really in depth


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