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by Candace RichComment — Updated August 3, 2023

The Wagon Train website, as you may have noticed, sits snugly inside the Fifties Web. However, it was designed to function autonomously.

Why not just lump this in with the 100 or so TV Westerns in that section of the site?

Wagon Train was one of the most popular of all the TV Westerns, both in ratings and fan popularity. And if my email is any indication, it remains so today.

But I couldn’t find a Wagon Train site on the Net to refer people to for more information. So I made one myself! This Wagon Train site exists in response to visitor demand for pictures and details about this wonderful show.

Wagon Train
None of this would have been possible without Megan Herring. Her contribution of all those photographs was invaluable. And she offered insightful comments as to content and structure, which made the site better.

I would also like to thank Tony Gill from the Laramie/Robert Fuller Website. He has always been supportive of the Fifties Web and an unflaggingly generous source of information about Robert Fuller.

Wagon Train
I know you’re curious about all those images from the show. They were captured straight off the videotape. Megan Herring grabbed many of the images from her extensive collection of tapes, and I captured others. I then enhance all of them in Adobe Photoshop.

Wagon Train
I hope you will enjoy the Wagon Train website. And when you’re finished here, I have about 100 more Westerns for you to see!

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