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1950 - 1955

Fifties trivia answers

1. The infamous Brinks Robbery in 1950 where $2.8 million was stolen in 17 minutes, occurred in what city?
New York

2. "Old soldiers never die...they just fade away," was said by...
Gen. Dwight Eisenhower
Gen. Omar Bradley
Gen. Douglas MacArthur

3. Catcher in the Rye's portrayal of Holden Caufield's 16 year old life was a huge success.Who wrote the book?
Herman Wouk
J.D. Salinger
William Faulkner

4. In 1952, the now longest running daytime drama moves from radio to TV. Which soap?
Days of Our Lives
General Hospital
Guiding Light

5. In 1952 Richard Nixon makes one of what will be many speeches in answer to allegations against him. This one is called the "Checkers" speech which refers to ...
A cocker spaniel dog
The game of politics
A favorite pastime

6. In 1953 Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay become the first humans to...
Break the sound barrier
Summit Mt. Everest
Run a 4 minute mile

7. Francis Watson and James Crick become famous for discovering...
The polio vaccine
The transitor
The "double helix" of DNA

8. In 1954, the landmark case Brown v. Board of Education was about...
School segregation
School sports
Affirmative action

9. Nash-Kelvinator and Hudson Motor Car Co. merge to form...
General Motors
American Motors

10. Hold the pickle! Hold the lettuce! The first _____ _____ opens in 1954.
Burger King
Pizza Hut

11. Psychologist Joyce Brothers won the $64,000 Question. What was her topic?
Eastern philosophy
American literature

12. In 1955, Congress authorizes all US currency and coins to say...
In God We Trust
United States of America

13. Rosa Parks' refusal to give up her seat on a bus led to a Supreme Court decision outlawing bus segregation. Where did this happen?
Memphis, Tennessee
Macon, Georgia
Montgomery, Alabama

14. Which of these is NOT true about Ann Landers?
Her real name is "Eppie" Lederer
She began her column at the Los Angeles Times
Her twin sister writes Dear Abby

15. Which of these is NOT a James Dean movie?
East of Eden
The Wild Ones

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Fifties trivia answers

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