Twas the Night Before Christmas (For Babylon 5 Fans)

by Michael RichComment — Updated August 5, 2023

Kevin G. J. Freels, 1996

'Twas the night before Christmas
And all through B-Five,
We were all stuggling
To keep our best hope alive.

The fighters were hung
In the hangers with care,
In case any Shadows
Appeared from thin air.

The Aliens were hiding
All scared in their quarters,
While visions of holocaust
Raced 'cross their borders.

With Susan and Michael,
And I in C-N-C,
We had to keep lookout
For trouble, you see.

When right out of space dock,
There arose a commotion,
I sprang from my console
To set Security in motion.

Away to the docks 
I ran quite abrupt,
My PPG loaded
And fully charged up.

When what do my wondering
Eyes look upon?
One of the Vorlons,
Encounter suit on.

I suddenly thought of
My father, by Gosh!
I knew in a minute
It had to be Kosh.

He was dressed in his helmet,
With flowing dark robes,
And looked like he filled up
With several small strobes.

His "eye" -- how it twinkled!
His shoulders -- so strong!
And how does he hover
For so very long?

More distant than galaxies,
His simple voice came.
We heard all the windchimes
As he called us by name:

"On Sheridan! On Susan!
On Delenn and Lennier!
On Michael! On Marcus!
You've always been here!".

"To the edge of the stars
The Shadows will call.
Now run away! Run Away!
Run away all!"

And then, in a twinking,
In my mind did appear,
All of my friends
Looking quite queer!

All of them asking,
"Do you know who you are?"
They seemed to talking 
From near and from far.

And there was my father,
"Dad, why are you here?",
I asked. But he answered,
"Listen and hear!".

The room was then filled 
With such music and lights!
It really unnerved me,
And gave me the frights!

I stood there and listened,
As was my duty.
And then said the Vorlon,
"A moment of Beauty."

Then a wink of his "eye",
And a twist of his head.
Soon gave me to realize
I don't know just what he said!

He spoke no more words,
Just whistles and chimes.
I hate when he does that!
(It bugs me at times!).

Into his ship
He disappeared fast,
And out through the space doors
He left in a blast!

The others said, "What
Did he say to you?".
To which I replied,
"I haven't a clue!"

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