Twas the Night Before Christmas

by Michael RichComment — Updated August 5, 2023


Since Clement Clark Moore wrote the original A Visit from Saint Nicholas in 1822, a great many pundits have adapted the classic tale to reflect their unique perspectives. Usually with very funny results.

Meander through these versions, listen to some music, have a good laugh!

The Original by Clement Clark Moore

For Attorneys
For Bikers
For Computer Owners
For Computer Owners (Ver. 2)
For Credit Card Holders
For Dad
For Dieters
For Families
For Floridians
For Genealogists
For the Military
For Mom
For Parents
For the Politically Correct
For the Shopper
For the Student
For the Teacher


For the Babylon 5 Fan
For the Star Trek Fan
For the Star Trek Fan – Another
An X-Files Christmas

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