Single Bullet Theory

by Candace RichComment — Updated August 10, 2023

Kennedy Assassination

Single Bullet Theory

For Lee Harvey Oswald to have been the lone gunman, you have to accept that only 3 shots were fired. After all, only 3 casing were found in the Texas School Depository. Plus you have the problem of how long it takes to get each new shot fired from the bolt-action Mannlicher-Carcano rifle found there.

The chief proponent of the single bullet theory was the Warren Commission’s junior counsel, Arlen Specter, now U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania. His thesis was adopted by the Warren Commission which allowed for thier conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in assassinating President John F. Kennedy.

The single bullet theory says that one bullet hit Kennedy in the back, exited his neck and then continued on to hit Connally in the back, wrist and leg. The bullet eventually falls out of Connally’s leg and onto his stretcher at Parkland.

The found “magic bullet” is in near perfect condition. It is a one inch long, copper jacketed, lead core, 6.5 mm rifle bullet.

The single bullet theory proposes three shots:
1. Misses limousine completely
2. The magic bullet hitting Kennedy and Connally
3. The fatal head shot to President Kennedy

Further, the shots all came from the rear according to the Warren Commission. As you have guessed, the now famous grassy knoll was ahead of President Kennedy.

Both John and Nellie.Connolly were certain that the Governor was hit by a second shot. They never waivered in this. They say they heard the first shot, reacted to it and then Governor Connally was shot. Inasmuch as bullets travel faster than sound, they reason that they are correct about the Governor being hit by a second bullet.
Nellie Connally talked to LIFE magazine in 1966. “As far as the the first two shots go,” she says, ” my memory is divided into four distinct events. First I heard the shot, or a strange loud noise – I’m not that expert on rifles – back behind us. Then next I turned to my right and saw the President gripping at his throat. Then I turned back toward John, and I heard the second shot that hit John…I must have been looking right at him when it hit because I saw him recoil to the right…so you see I had time to look at the President after he was already hit, then turn and see John hit by a second shot. Then of course, he slumped and I reached to pull him toward me.”

No effort will be made here to interpret the data. The object is to acquaint the reader with the much discussed single bullet theory. However, pictures of the bullet and the assumed fragments exist and those are presented here for you to form your own opinion. In short, your guess is probably as good as mine.

The magic bullet is offically known as CE 399 as part of the Warren Commission exhibits. The photos below are cropped versions of those photos now housed in the National Archives.

So the question is…could this bullet have done all that damage?

CE 399 Fragments
Kennedy AssassinationJFK assassination
CE 399 The Magic Bullet
various angles
the magic bullet magic-bullet-1 magic-bullet-2 magic-bullet-3bullet that killed President Kennedy

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