Slang I-M


“If the van’s rockin don’t come knockin” originally found on a bumper sticker for Volkswagen buses
I’m Hip I understand, I agree
Instant Karma being immediately rewarded or penalized for a good or bad deed
“it’s been real” it has been nice, usually used sarcastically


Jack a 60s twist on the word, it meant “nothing”
Jam to leave a place, to go
Jammin(g) an unstructured music event, or musicians playing off each others impromptu composing
Jesus Sandals leather sandals worn by hippies (although flip flops were the norm) (courtesy of Cheri Jones)
Jet to move quickly or to leave quickly
Joint a marijuana cigarette


Keep the Faith stay true to your beliefs, keep up the fight against the war and the establishment
Ken Doll guys who cared too much about their looks and appearance
Killer an adjective about something that’s great
Kiss Off telling someone to stop or to leave
Kiss Up to flatter, flirt or always agree with


Laid Back relaxed, easy going, not easily ruffled
La La Land either drunk, stoned or just naturally crazy
Later goodbye, short for see you ….
Lay a Trip to mess with someone’s head, to create confusion or conflict
Lay It On Me let someone know something, to give someone something
Let It All Hang Out to act without restraint, to let go of inhibitions
Libber a female who supports the women’s liberation, sometimes said derogatorily
Light Show psychedelic lights at a rock concert
Lit high, loaded or intoxicated (thanks to Donna Dingle)
Load a heavy burden or A lie, or questionable story (thanks to Kerrimoon)
Loaded high or drunk, out of it (thanks to Kerrimoon)
Longhairs hippies, used by straight society as an insult
Looney Tunes crazy or mentally disturbed (courtesy of Kerrimoon)
Lousy (adjective) lots of ‘she was lousy with diamonds’ (thanks to Karla Starkenberg for this)
Love beads you had to wear them to be a cool hippie
Love In a gathering of people to be close and spiritual (sexual or not)
“love it or leave it” America, either accept what is going on or leave the Country
LSD a hallucinogenic drug
Lucked Out to get “lucky” with a girl (Courtesy of Debbe Bowser Smith)
Lump It learn to live with it


Main Squeeze boyfriend or girlfriend
Make a Move On to flirt or seduce someone
Make It (Makin It) to have sex
Man most popular way to address either sex (thanks to Jim Yurkovich)
Marijuana the leaf and flower of the cannabis plant, smoked to give a euphoric effect
Mean Machine a good looking, fast or otherwise cool car
Mess Around to be playful in a general or in a sexual way
Middle America signified mainstream, middle class conservative Americans
Militant old term which was used a lot in the 60s, means someone who advocates violence to achieve political goals
Mister (adjective) used sarcastically to indicate an extreme or the opposite ie: Mister Clean, Mister Manners
Mod short for modern, it pertained to fashion and design
Mojo libido or sex appeal
Mop Top a hair style worn by the Beatles when they first came to the U.S. in 1964
Mother used to accentuate a word to give it a larger meaning
Munchies the hunger for snack type food that accompanies marijuana smoking
My old man (lady) refers to a very steady boyfriend / girlfriend or spouse (thanks again to Cheri Jones)


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