The Maggie Hamilton Story

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The Maggie Hamilton Story
(ep. #3.26)

Written and Directed by Allen H. Miner

Produced by Howard Christie

Susan Oliver as Maggie Hamilton
Les Tremayne as Horace Hamilton
Leonard Nimoy as Cherokee Ned
Sylvia Marriott as Mary Louise Hamilton
Orville Sherman, Frank Wolf

Maggie Hamilton (episode #3.26) has run away from the train. She has what we would now call “issues” with such a primitive lifestyle. And she’s not obedient to parental supervsion.

The Major sends McCullough out to find her and haul her back before she can get into trouble. Maggie leaves a piece of petticoat as a marker for what she assumes will be someone from the train. But instead she is captured by some bad hombres.

McCullough comes across their camp, tussles with the bad guys, rescues the girl. You know, a Flint day at the office. And what does the ungrateful Maggie do? She steals his horse and rides off, leaving him.

Once he catches up with her the fun starts. A war of wills between the petulant Margaret Hamilton and the implacable Flint McCullough.

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Margaret Hamilton’s parents report her as a runaway. Looking at them, who could blame her? (Les Tremayne and Sylvia Marriott )

Lenoard Nimoy as a bad guy Indian.

Maggie, played by Susan Oliver, bites one of her abductors.

Maggie calls Flint a brute.

Maggie bites Flint.
Has this girl had her rabies shots?

Look Maggie!

Now get on the horsey-worsey, and let’s go get suppy wuppy.

By morning, Maggie has had a change of heart and refuses to go back to the train.

So Flint teaches her a lesson in a manner which oddly, seemed reasonable back then, but which would today bring a charge of felonious assault. Not to mention the civil suit.

Flint is sent on her trail.

With a drinking problem. Fascinating.

No, not an early Vulcan mind meld.
During the rescue, Flint tangles with Nimoy.

Now Maggie, stop exaggerating.

Flint has just informed Maggie they are spending the night together – alone on the trail.

I hate you, I hate you, I hate you…
you, you, you RABBIT KILLER.

Wanna share my blanket?

Flint tells Maggie she has to grow up.

These extra pictures are in recognition of the Official Leonard Nimoy Fan Club (UK), and especially Maggy Edwards, who has the great taste to be both a Nimoy and a Horton/Wagon Train fan! Thanks for everything, Maggy. Live long and Prosper!

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