The Traitor

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The Traitor
(ep. #5.11)
7/11/1962 (rerun)

Written by Norman Jolley
Directed by Dick Moder

Produced by Howard Christie

Nick Adams as Sam Upton
Jeanne Cooper as Madge Upton
Stacy Keach Sr. as Major Hansen
Myron Healey as Sgt. Oakes
Anthony Caruso as “Muerte” imposter
Alex Montoya as Bandit

The Traitor (episode #5.11) is an oft remembered episode as it is the one where Flint gets whipped.

Charlie is present when Flint appears to have taken money for allowing horses to be stolen. Back at the train, Chris Hale tries, convicts and sentences him to a whipping, all under the watchful eye of the U.S. Cavalry.

But wait. You knew better than that! Flint McCullough is no lousy horse thief!

By posing as a criminal, Flint has agreed to help the Cavalry infiltrate the hideout of a notorious desperado named Muerte.

First stop is the home of Madge Upton, who nurses Flint’s wounds. And summons her brother, an outlaw inthe Muerte gang. But her brother, Sam, proves to be more than just a follower. He is Muerte himself! Now Flint must trap him and bring him to justice.

Nick Adams as Sam Upton/Muerte
Jeanne Cooper as Madge Upton

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Flint stands accused at his trial

Flint is whipped for the alleged crime of horse stealing

Big surprise!
The sister falls for Flint

Muerte is cleverly rigged with a gun at his head, tied to a rope in Flint’s hands

One of the many reasons you should always be nice to your sister. You just never know when…

His Army sergeant tormentor

After his banishment from the train, Flint discusses the possible location of the hideout with the Army

A plan is formed; an apple is tossed

Nick Adams as Sam/Muerte

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