Peyton Place

Peyton Place


Upper right closet shelf. Under her sweaters. That’s where my Mom hid her copy of Peyton Place. From me.

I have no idea how long it sat there before I found it. But once I did…

The book was so sexy, especially by Fifties standards. Because I had so little time with the volume before I had to return it to its hiding place, I memorized the page numbers where I’d found the “good stuff.” And of course, one must be absolutely meticulous in replacing the book. Can’t do anything which might prompt discovery.

What was the fuss about?

Well, as I mentioned, it was sexy stuff for the times. But seriously…

The novel Peyton Place, by 31-year-old Grace Metalious lays bare the hypocrisy of idyllic small towns. The novel has an inflammatory effect on Americans torn between the tantalizing ideal of family life they wish for and the reality they face each day.

In the following year, the novel will become a popular film starring Lana Turner, Hope Lange, and Arthur Kennedy.

In 1964 Peyton Place came to TV.

Peyton Place