Adventures in Paradise

by Michael RichComment — Updated August 3, 2023

Adventures in Paradise

10/5/59 – 4/1/1962 ABC 1 hour

Black and White – 91 episodes

Based loosely on James Michener’s book

Adventures in Paradise Cast

Gardner McKay as Captain Adam Troy
Marcel Hillaire as Inspector Bouchard (1961-1962)
James Holden as Clay Baker (1960-1962)
Lani Kai as Kelly (1960-1962)
Linda Lawson as Renee (1960-1961)
Weaver Levy as Oliver Lee (1959-1961)
Henry Slate as Bulldog Lovey (1960-1961)
Sondi Sodsai as Sondi (1960-1961)
Guy Stockwell as Chris Parker (1961-1962)
George Tobias as Penrose (1959-61)

Adventures in Paradise Theme

“Adventures in Paradise” by Lionel Newman

Adventures in Paradise Tidbits

The boat was an 85 foot schooner named the Tiki and is anchored in Papeete, Tahiti.

Set in the South Pacific, Adventures in Paradise centered around handsome Gardner McKay, whose character, Adam Troy was an American Korean War veteran who carried cargo and passengers from port to port.

At first filming was done on the 20th Century Fox backlot and critics complained. So they began doing some exteriors in the South Pacific. James Michener, after selling the idea to TV execs, backed out of the project.

But who cares about the downside? Ladies had McKay to look at and men had plenty of Tahitian beauties to oogle.

The show didn’t do much for McKay’s career but he redirected his talents to writing and has had several successful books.


Gardner McKay died in 2001.

Gardner McKay
Gardner McKayGardner McKay
Gardner McKay

Adventures in Paradise Trivia
Adam Troy went to Yale.Adam Troy has the rare blood type AB negative.
Gomez belongs to the Zen Yoga Society

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