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David “Pop Frosty” Frees has been the President of the American Bandstand Fan Club since 1960. That’s right. 50 years in November of 2010.The Fifties Web is pleased as punch that David has kept these precious memories alive. You can e mail him at [email protected]Why? Because he is friends with these people! And they all stay in touch with David!
David Frees is a family man, who has devoted his precious spare time to keeping alive the memory of American Bandstand. He has a daughter Michele named after Bandstand Regular Michele Liebowitz and a brother Ron.


David Frees

Join American Bandstand Fan ClubYou can join the America Bandstand Fan Club. David has lowered the price to celebrate his 45th anniversary (50th next year) as President. The amount is so ridiculously low that both Bunny Gibson and I tried to argue him out of this but to no avail.

Cost for a Lifetime Membership has just been lowered to:
$10 ppd
No Annual Dues!

Here’s what you get:

Where to Sign Up!   Please send a check or money order payable to David Frees. (not payable to the American Bandstand Fan Club) to:

MOHNTON, PA 19540-7751

(note: This is a new address
so please replace any older addresses you may have saved

Email: David “Pop Frosty” Frees

For a more comprehensive bio on David Frees
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By the way, did I mention memorabilia? A look at David’s Bandstand room proves the guy knows his AB collectibles!American Bandstand Regulars

Email: David “Pop Frosty” Frees
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David “Pop Frosty” Frees Bio

David Raymond Frees, born (June 14, 1947) in (Reading, PA) and also known as “Pop Frosty” is a rock music and contemporary dance lover,
best known for his longest-running American Bandstand Fan Club founded in November, 1960 and recognized by Dick Clark as
American Bandstand’s Official East Coast Fan Club President. Frees is the noted authority and historian of the period and on the Philadelphia American Bandstand era with a fifty-year history of his fan club, friendships, affiliations and memorabilia.
American Bandstand originated in Philadelphia in the early 1950’s as a local dance program, then catapulted to national prominence in August, 1957.
It was a wildly popular daily program featuring top 40 rock hits and local area teens who taught countless thousands of teen-agers all over the country how to stroll, bop, twist, jitterbug and do the mashed potatoes. While Dick Clark spun the records, guest performers sang the latest hits.
High schoolers rushed home each day tuning in to watch and love the music, the singers and the kids who danced across their black and white screens. These “teens”, or “regulars” as they were known, enjoyed celebrity status themselves, receiving stacks of fan mail and sharing magazine covers with the most popular singers and actors of the day.
David “Pop Frosty” Frees, a life-long Pennsylvania resident, has been lauded with accolades and recognition himself and rightly so. His knowledge and loyalty to American Bandstand and its prominence in American culture is widely recognized His remarks have appeared in the New York Times, the Reading Eagle, the Lancaster New Era, and the Courier-Journal His archives are in Dick Clark’s History of American Bandstand, American Bandstand with Fred Bronstein and the Time and Life Fifties Book. He has appeared on Live from the River Edge “Dance Party” in Reading, PA, Bandstand Days, Dance party USA, Philly news Channel 6 (Penns Landing Bandstand Show), the Steel Pier Show, Teen Thing, and the Hy Lit Show. Frees consulted with Peter Jennings and Todd Brewster on the unique and contemporary “Century Book” and “The Century Book for Young People” used in high school social studies classes across America. Upon his recommendation, Bandstand regular Bunny Gibson’s story is also featured in both books. His numerous contributions include the American Bandstand Anniversary Show with Dick Clark, ABC News Our World, with the producer for the movie “Twist” as well as donations to the Enterprise Center Bandstand Memorabilia and the State Museum of Pennsylvania. Frees contributed information to the “History of American Bandstand” and “Dick Clark’s American Bandstand” – two books in which David “Pop Frosty” Frees is acknowledged for his pictorial American Bandstand Memorabilia Collection contribution, and to Dance Party USA Channel 17 Homecoming Bandstand Specials. He is the advisor to the “The State Museum of Pennsylvania” for the planned American Bandstand exhibit with Curt Miner. In addition, he was presented with a plaque in 1997 by the regulars as part of a ceremony giving a historical marker to the Philadelphia studio at 46th and Markets Streets.
David Frees, as President of the American Bandstand Fan Club was part of the The Enterprise Center’s Fundraiser for the preservation of American Bandstand’s Studio. His Fan Club is featured on the popular Internet web site, fiftiesweb.com . Along with his role as Fan Club president, David Frees possesses an extensive American Bandstand and rock memorabilia collection including photos, magazines, music, letters, posters, autographs and personal effects.. He corresponds with regulars, former dancers and fans from the show, keeping his outlook fresh and current. Frees fan club is still enjoyed by his many loyal members who receive photos and informational updates through his regular “Bandstand Boogie” newsletters also acknowledged by Dick Clark..
Throughout the years, scores of Bandstand regulars have been remembered and featured in his “Bandstand Boogie” newsletter. Among those are Bunny Gibson, Carole Scaldeferri, Carmen and Yvette Jimenez, the Beltrante Sisters, Steve Colanero, Thom Cardwell, Arlene and Bob Di Pietro, Judy and Michele Leibowitz, Justine Carrelli, Bob Clayton, Janet Hamill, Tex Connors, Arlene Sullivan, and Kenny Rossi.

This article was written and contributed by: Stephanie J. Hammonds (a Bandstand Fan!)