Bourbon Street Beat

by Michael RichComment — Updated August 3, 2023

10/5/1959 – 9/26/1960
ABC 1 hour

Black and White – 39 episodes

Warner Bros. Television

Bourbon Street Beat Cast

Richard Long as Rex Randolph
Andrew Duggan as Cal Calhoun
Van Williams as Kenny Madison
Arlene Howell as Melody Lee Mercer
Eddie Cole as The Baron (1959)
Nita Talbot as Lusty Weather

Bourbon Street Beat Theme

“Bourbon Street Beat” by Mack David and Jerry Livingston

Bourbon Street Beat Tidbits

Set in New Orleans, Bourbon Street Beat was one of the many detective shows launched by Warner Brothers. It was also the shortest lived. The show, that is, because the characters moved on. Randolph (Richard Long) to 77 Sunset Strip and Madison (Van WIlliams) to Surfside Six.

Not that Warner didn’t try. They actually bought an interest in a real New Orleans restaurant, The Absinthe House, and placed the agency, Randolph and Calhoun, Special Services above it. Okay, that was for effect. They actually filmed Bourbon Street on the backlot on the film set used for “A Streetcar Named Desire.”


Richard Long in 1974 of a heart ailment, Andrew Duggan in 1988 of throat cancer and Van Williams in 2016 of renal failure, he was 82Richard Long - Bourbon Street Beat
Richard Long

Van Williams - Bourbon Street Beat
Van WilliamsBourbob Street Beat - Richard Long, Van Williams
Richard Long, Van Williams, Arlene Howell and Andrew Duggan

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