I Remember Mama

7/1/49 – 3/17/1957 CBS
30 minutes

Black and White

Produced and directed by Ralph Nelson and later, Carol Irwin

Based on Kathyrn Forbes’s book “Mama’s Bank Account”

I Remember Mama Cast

Peggy Wood as Marta Hansen
Judson Laire as Papa Lars Hansen
Rosemary Rice as Katrin Hanson
Ruth Gates as Aunt Jenny
Carl Frank as Uncle Gunnar Gunnerson
Alice Frost as Aunt Trina Gunnerson

Iris Mann as Dagmar Hansen (1949)
Robin Morgan as Dagmar Hansen(1950-1956)
Toni Campbell as Dagmar Hansen (1956 to 1957) Kevin Coughlin asT.R. Ryan (1952-1956)
Malcolm Keen as Uncles Chris (1949-1951)
Patricia McCormack as Ingeborg (1953-1956)
Dick Van Patten as Nels Hansen (1949-57) Roland Winters as Uncle Chris (1951-1952)

I Remember Mama Theme Song

“Holberg Suite (open) and “The Last Spring” (close) by Edward Grieg

I Remember Mama Tidbits

“I remember the big white house on Steiner Street, and my little sister Dagmar, and my big brother Nels, and Papa. But most of all, I remember Mama.”

Mama was the story of a Norwegian-American family living in San Francisco in 1910. The story is told through the eyes of daughter Katrin (Rosemary Rice). The show opened looking through the pages of the family album and remembering.

Mama was played by veteran stage actress Peggy Wood who created one of the warmest characters ever to grace television.

In 1956 they cancelled Mama but popular support from the public brought it back for a 13 week run on Sunday afternoons from December ot March of 1957.

Sadly, except for that last 13 weeks, Mama was telecast live rather than filmed and so we have no taped record of the show.


Ruth Gates died in 1966 of a heart attack, Carl Frank in 1972, Kevin Coughlin in a car accident in1976, Peggy Wood in 1978 of a stroke, Judson Laire in 1979, and Alice Frost in 1998.

A Maxwell House Coffee Commercial with Mama