I’m Dickens, He’s Fenster

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Vol. 1 (1962)

I’m Dickens, He’s Fenster

September 28, 1962 – September 13, 1963
32 1/2 hour episodes (one season)
in B&W on ABC
Created by: Leonard Stern
Produced by: Heyday Productions


  • John Astin …………… Harry Dickens
  • Marty Ingels …………. Arch Fenster
  • Emmaline Henry ……….. Kate Dickens
  • Henry Beckman ………… Mulligan
  • Frank DeVol ………….. Myron Bannister
  • Dave Ketchum …………. Mel Warshaw

Opening Theme

“The I’m Dickens – He’s Fenster March” ; Composed By: Irving Szathmary


The story goes like this, there are two construction workers Harry Dickens (John Astin) and Arch Fenster (Marty Ingels) who manage to find themselves in hilarious situations while on the job. More than the situational comedy of the show, it is the camaraderie shared by these two. They are the male equivalent of “bosom buddies” and their verbal bantering was the funniest thing since Laurel & Hardy first perfected it.

Dickens was a happily married guy but for being so happy he sure was jealous of bachelor Fenster, who made it a habit of bragging about the number of women you could find in his little black book.

Dickens wife, Kate (Emmaline Henry) had an up hill battle trying to keep her husband in line after constantly hearing about all the fun Fenster was having. Another splinter in their side (pun intended) was their boss Mr. Bannister who thought the pair should probably do a little more work than talk.

The reason this show was canceled after only one season is still a mystery. It started out poorly in the ratings but by the end of the season had managed to beat its’ two competitors in the time slot.

Video Clip of I’m Dickens – He’s Fenster


Emmaline Henry died in 1979 of brain cancer, she was only 50
Henry Beckman died in 2008 of natural causes, he was 861960s tv shows

60s tv - I'm Dickens - He's Fenster

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1960s comedy show

1960s comedy program - I'm Dickens - He's Fenster

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