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9/14/1967 – 1/16/1975
NBC 60 minutes

Color – 199 episodes

Sept. 1967 – Sept. 1971
Thurs. 8:30-9:30

Sept. 1971 – Nov. 1971
Tues. 7:30-8:30

Nov. 1971 – Jan. 1975
Thurs. 9:00-10:00

Produced by Universal TV

Syndicated as “The Raymond Burr Show”

Ironside Cast

Raymond Burr as Robert T. Ironside
Don Galloway as Detective Sergeant Ed Brown
Don Mitchell as Mark Sanger
Gene Lyons as Commissioner Dennis Randall
Barbara Anderson as Eve Whitfield (1967-1971) Elizabeth Baur as Fran Belding (1971-1975)
Joan Pringle as Diana Sanger (1974-1975)
Johnny Seven as Lieutenant Carl Reese (1969-1975)

Ironside Tidbits

Robert T. Ironside (Raymond Burr) was a 25 year veteran of the San Francisco Police Department who had risen to Chief of Detectives. An attempted assassination left him paralysed from the waist down and thus wheelchair bound.

Unwilling to accept the infirmity as an end, he persuaded Commissioner Randall (Gene Lyons) to allow him to fight crime as a special consultant. Two former assistants, Sgt. Ed Brown (Don Galloway) and Policewoman Eve Whitfield (Barbara Anderson) joined his team.

A young reformed deliquent named Mark Sanger (Don Mitchell) became his aide and bodyguard. Later, Sanger would become a lawyer.

Ironside would travel and work from a specially modified police van.

In 1971 Barbara Anderson left after a contract dispute and Elizabeth Baur came onboard as Officer Fran Belding.

Dana Wynter appeared in a few episodes as Ironside’s love interest and then wife.

In 1993 they did a made for TV movie, “Return of Ironside” which reunited the entire cast, including both Anderson and Baur. By now Mark Sanger is a judge!



Gene Lyons died in 1974
Raymond Burr died in 1993 of liver cancer
Don Galloway died in 2009 of a strokeIronside - Raymond Burr
Don Mitchell, Don Galloway
Raymond Burr, Barbara Anderson

Ironside - Raymond Burr
Raymond Burr

Ironside - Raymond Burr
Don Galloway, Raymon Burr,
Don Mitchell, Elizabeth Baur

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