Lost in Space

by Michael RichComment — Updated August 3, 2023

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Lost in Space

September 15, 1965 – March 6, 1968 CBS 60 minutes
B&W 1965 – 66, Color 1966 – 68, 83 episodes, 3 seasons
Created by Irwin Allen
Music by John Williams
20th Century Fox Television

Lost in Space Cast

Doctor John Robinson: Guy Williams
Doctor Maureen Robinson: June Lockhart
Judy Robinson: Marta Kristen
Penny Robinson: Angela Cartwright
Will Robinson: Billy Mumy
Major Don West: (Mark Goddard)
Doctor Zachary Smith: (Jonathan Harris)
The Robot: Bob May (physically played Robot), Dick Tufeld (voice of Robot)

Lost in Space Plot

In Lost in Space the Robinson family along with their pilot Maj. West are selected to explore deep space and specifically Alpha Centauri which, it is thought, will support human life.
There is a space race going on however and Dr smith who is a spy for another (undisclosed) nation gets trapped aboard the Jupiter II spacecraft while trying to sabotage it’s systems.
The spaceship takes off with him onboard and his unexpected weight throws the ship off course and thus makes it “lost in space”.

The evil Dr Smith does mellow a lot as the episodes progress but he still remains the main antagonist and the source of most of the calamities that befall the Robinson’s.
The Robot is the real star of the show (in my opinion anyway) saving the family and managing the most memorable lines, “Danger Will Robinson” has become a much used phrase.

Lost in Space
The cast of Lost in SpaceLost in Space - Robot

Lost in Space – Robot

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