Love on a Rooftop

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Love on a Rooftop

September 6, 1966 – April 6, 1967
(30) 1/2 hour episodes (1 season)
in Color on ABC
Created by: Harry Ackerman and Bernard Slade
Produced by: Harry Ackerman with Screen Gems


  • Peter Deuel …………… David Willis
  • Judy Carne ……………. Julie Willis
  • Barbara Bostock ……….. Carol Parker
  • Rich Little …………… Stan Parker
  • Edith Atwater …………. Phyliss Hammond
  • Herbert Voland ………… Fred Hammond

Opening Theme

“Love on a Rooftop”, Composed By: Jack Keller & Mundell Lowe


Young struggling architect Dave Willis (Peter Deuel) meets young wealthy art student Julie Hammond (Judy Carne) and it’s love at first sight. The two marry and move into a rather sparse walkup windowless apartment which happens to be one set of stairs away from a beautiful rooftop view. This is all fine with the newlyweds but Julie’s father Fred Hammond (Herbert Voland)is none to happy about losing his daughter to a man that can’t properly provide for her.

This is one of the central themes of the show, Dad on Dave’s back about how to take of his princess and Dave insecurities about being able to.

Julie’s mother Phyliss (Edith Atwater) is much more understanding about the finances and just wants to see true love blossom.
There is a quirky neighbor couple Carol and Stan Parker (Barbara Bostock & Rich Little) who manage to add some comic relief for the stressed out young newlyweds.

The diverse personalities of Dave and Julie also add to the comedic mix. Dave is the, set in stone ,practical one while Julie is more whimsical and care free creating totally different approaches to solving their problems.

The show only went one season but Judy Carne went almost immediately on from there to do Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In for several years and Peter Deuel went to Alias Smith and Jones which he did until his death.

Video Clip of Love on a Rooftop


Peter Deuel died in 1971 of a self inflicted gunshot, he was 31
Edith Atwater died in 1976 of cancer, she was 74
Herbert Voland died of a stroke in 1981, he was 621960s tv

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