Please Don’t Eat the Daisies

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Please Don’t Eat the Daisies (the 1960 Movie)

September 14, 1965 – April 22, 1967
58 half hour episodes (2 seasons)
in color on NBC
Created by: Robert Stambler & Paul West
Produced by: MGM Television


  • Patricia Crowley   —   Joan Nash
  • Mark Miller   —   James “Jim” Nash
  • Brian Nash   —   Joel Nash
  • Kim Tyler   —   Kyle Nash
  • Jeff Fithian   —   Trevor Nash
  • Joe Fithian   —   Tracey Nash
  • Lord Nelson   —   Ladadog (150-pound sheepdog)
    The following characters were in a few episodes
  • Ellen Corby   —   Martha O’Reilly
  • Shirley Mitchell   —   Marge Thornton
  • Dub Taylor   —   Ed Hewley
  • Harry Hickox   —   Herb Thornton #1
  • King Donovan   —   Herb Thornton #2
  • Bill Quinn   —   Dean Gerald Carter
  • Jean VanderPyl   —   Ethel Carter



Joan Nash (Patricia Crowley) and her husband Jim Nash (Mark Miller)were fairly typical for the 1970’s but a little atypical for the 60s. She was a work at home journalist who abhorred housework and homemaking. He was a college professor and they had four boys, with two of them being twins and a very large sheepdog.

The commotion that four boys and a dog can create and Joan’s indifference towards all things household make for the comedic moments in the show. This actually worked out well for Joan as the column she wrote was a humorous look at family life.

The series was based on a 1960 movie by the same name starring Doris Day and David Niven which was based on a book by Jean Kerr. The movie was a big success the tv show, not so much. It did last for two seasons and in defense of the show the network bosses thought that it would be good competition to pit it against “Combat” and “Rawhide” in the Saturday night lineup…what were they thinking!

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Jean Kerr died in 2003 of pneumonia she was 80 years old

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The dog’s name in the show was Ladadog which was what the producers wanted it called except…
the younger boys (the twins) had a great deal of trouble pronouncing Lad-a-Dog, so by the end of the first season the name of the dog was shortened to Lad.
The score= Kids-1, Producers-0, yeah!