The Real McCoys

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October 3, 1957 – June 23, 1963
224 1/2 hour episodes (6 seasons)
Black-and-white ABC (first 5 seasons) and CBS (last season)
Created by: Irving Pincus
Produced by: Danny Thomas, Irving Pincus & Walter Brennan


  • Richard Crenna ………. Luke McCoy
  • Kathleen Nolan ………. Kate McCoy
  • Walter Brennan ………. Grandpa Amos McCoy
  • Michael Winkelman ……. Little Luke
  • Lydia Reed ………….. Hassie McCoy
  • Tony Martinez ……….. Pepino Garcia
  • Madge Blake …………. Flora MacMichael
  • Andy Clyde ………….. George MacMichael
  • Jack Oakie ………….. “Uncle Rightly” Ralph McCoy

Opening Theme

“The Real McCoys” Composed By: Harry Ruby

Want you to meet the family that’s known as The Real McCoys
From West Virginee they came to stay in sunny Californi-ay
That’s Grand Pappy Amos and the girls and the boys of the family known as the Real McCoys

Livin’ like good folks should live, as happy as kids with toys
Ol Grand Pappy Amos is head of the clan, he roars like a lion, but he’s gentle as a lamb
His grandson Luke keeps beaming with joy, since he made miss Kate Missus Luke McCoy

What a house keeper Kate is, she’s doin’ what she enjoys
No gal can beat her when it comes to looks, the same can be said about the way she cooks
For Grand Pappy Amos and the girls and boys of the family known as the Real McCoys

Sharing each others sorrows, enjoyin’ each others joys
Like all other families they quarrel and fuss, but it ain’t never serious
With Grand Pappy Amos and the girls and boys of the family known as the Real McCoys


In the first episode the McCoys move from West Virginia to California because they inherit a farm there.

The family dynamic is a little strange in this show. Grandpa Amos (Walter Brennan) is definitely in charge and is raising his grown grandson Luke (Richard Crenna), Luke’s wife Kate (Kathleen Nolan) and Luke’s two younger siblings Hassie (Lydia Reed) and Little Luke (Michael Winkelman).
They also inherit a farmhand Pepino Garcia (Tony Martinez) with the new place. The grand kids parents have died but it’s not explained when or how.

The series revolves around the family’s struggles in their new environment and day to day situations with farming and neighbors.

This program was good old fashion family entertainment with all of the requisite high moral fiber and goodness that the 1950s could muster. It was a ratings hit and stayed in the top 30 for five out of its six year run.

Video Clip of The Real McCoys


Walter Brennan of emphysema in 1974, he was 80 years old
Richard Crenna died in 2003 of pancreatic cancer, he was 76
Michael Winkelman died in 1999, he was only 53
Tony Martinez died in 2002 of natural causes, he was 821960s tv

60s television

60s tv shows - the Real McCoys

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The Real McCoys - 1960s tv series

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In the sixth and final season and due to a contract dispute Kate (Kathleen Nolan) left the show rather abruptly, they killed her off! The children were then sent off to college and the army leaving Luke free to…. you guessed it, start dating. Unfortunately for the rest of the cast this tactic soured a lot of viewers and the show was canceled at the end of the season.

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