Tales of Wells Fargo

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3/18/1957 – 9/8/1962 NBC

Black and White
30 minutes – 1957-1961

Color – 60 minutes – 1961-1962

March 1957-July 1957 Monday 8:30-9:00
Sept. 1957-Sept. 1961 Monday 8:30-9:00
Sept. 1961-Sept. 1962 Saturday 7:30-8:30

Tales of Wells Fargo Cast

Dale Robertson as Jim Hardie

Jack Ging as Beau McCloud
William Demerest as Jeb Gaine
Virgina Christine as Ovie (1961-1962)
Mary Jane Saunders as Mary Gee (1961-1962)
Lori Patrick as Tina (1961-1962)

Horses: Jubilee and Fargo

Tales of Wells Fargo Theme Song

by Stanley Wilson with lyrics by Mort Greene

Tales of Wells Fargo Tidbits

In the mid-1800s, the Wells Fargo stage line was the primary connection between the East and West coasts of the U.S. Jim Hardie (Dale Robertson) was a troubleshooter for Wells Fargo who protected both people and cargo.

In the final season, they expanded the show to an hour and rooted Hardie to a ranch near San Francisco. Additional cast members were added. Although Hardie still worked for Wells Fargo, life that final season on the ranch wasn’t nearly as exciting. Which probably explains why it was the final season.


William Demerest died in 1983 of cancer
Virginia Christine died in 1996 of heart problems
Dale Robertson passed away in 2013 of lung cancerWells Fargo with Dale Robertson
Dale Robertson

Wells Fargo
Dale Robertson
From the Doug Abbott Collection

Tales of Wells Fargo
Dale Robertson
From the Neil Kutzen Collection


Tales of Wells Fargo – Compilation and
The Complete First And Second Seasons (1957-8)

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Dale Robertson
From the Doug Abbott Collection

Tales of Wells Fargo Trivia
Jack Nicholson appeared in one of his first starring TV roles in the episode “The Washburn Girl” (2/13/61)

Dale Robertson in Wells Fargo
Dale Robertson
From the Doug Abbott Collection

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