TV Westerns of 1957

Colt 45

10/15/1957 – 9/27/1960
Black and White – 30 minutes – 67 episodes
Oct. 1957-Dec. 1957 ABC Friday 10:00-10:30
Jan. 1958-April 1958 ABC Friday 8:30-9:00
Oct.. 1958-Sept. 1959 ABC Sunday 9:00-9:30
Oct.. 1959-March 1960 ABC Sunday 7:00-7:30
April 1960-Sept. 1960 ABC Tuesday 9:30-10:00

Colt 45 Cast

Wayde Preston as Christopher Colt
Donald May as Sam Colt Jr

A secret agent in the old West!

Okay, this gets kinda confusing but…Wayde Preston played Christopher Colt, government agent and son of the gun inventor. Preston, like many defecting Warner Brothers stars, leaves the show for awhile and Donald May plays Sam Colt, Jr., his cousin. Then Preston returned to the series in 1960. WHEW!


Wayde Preston died in 1992 of colon cancer

Tombstone Territory

10/16/1957 – 9/17/1958 ABC/Syndicated
Black and White – 60 minutes – 91 episodes
Produced by Ziv TV

Tombstone Territory theme song, “Whistle Me Up A Memory” by William M. Backer

Tombstone Territory Cast

Pat Conway as Sheriff Clay Hollister
Gilman Rankin as Deputy Charlie Riggs
Richard Eastham as Harris Claibourne, editor of the Tombstone Epitaph


Pat Conway died in 1981 and Gilman Rankin in 1993.

Restless Gun

9/23/1957 – 9/14/1959 NBC
Black and White – 30 minutes – 78 episodes

Restless Gun Cast

John Payne as Vint Bonner
Horse: Scar

Vint Bonner was a basically quiet and serious guy who would have been just as happy finding peaceful resolutons to problems. A thing which rarely was possible. He roamed from place to place in the post-Civil War West.

Dan Blocker made his TV debut in an episode called “The Child” while James Coburn played his first major role in “Take Me Home.”


John Payne died in 1989 of heart problems.

Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans

1957 Syndicated
Black and White – 30 minutes – 39 episodes

Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans Cast

John Hart as Nat ‘Hawkeye’ Cutler
Lon Chaney Jr. as Chingachgook

Okay, so maybe this is an Eastern and not exactly a Western. But it had guns, action and Indians so I’m counting it.

Loosely (very loosely) based on the James Fenimore Cooper novel, this is the story of of Hawkeye, a white trapper and scout, and his Indian blood brother, Chingachgook, a good name to type once, copy and paste thereafter.

The show was filmed in Canada.


Lon Chaney Jr. died in 1973 of beriberi and liver failure.

Man Without a Gun

1957 – 1959 Syndicated
Black and White – 30 minutes – 39 episodes

Man Without a Gun Cast

Rex Reason as Adam MacLean
Mort Mills as Marshal Frank Tallman
Harry Harvey as Mayor George Dixon
Forrest Taylor as Doc Brannon

From 20th Century-Fox, this half-hour Western focused on Adam MacLean, a crusading newpaperman. He wanted to prove that the pen was mightier than the gun! The series was set in Yellowstone, Dakota Territory.


Forrest Taylor died in 1965; Harry Harvey died in 1985; and Mort Mills died in 1993.

Man Without a Gun
Rex Reason
From the Doug AbbottCollection