The Stagecoach Story

by Candace RichComment — Updated August 3, 2023

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The Stagecoach Story
(ep. #3.1)
6/29/1960 (rerun)

Written by Jean Holloway
Directed by William Witney

Produced by Howard Christie

Debra Paget as Angela DeVarga
Clu Gulager as Caleb Jamison
Henry Darrow (billed as Henry Delgado) as Benito DeVarga
Lalo Rios as Juan
Abraham Sofaer as Antonio

Initially, Flint has plans to take a riverboat cruise to New Orleans with the beautiful Mexican dancer, Angela, played by Deborah Paget. But his friend Caleb Jamison, played by Clu Gulagar, breaks his arm while helping Flint in a fist fight. Turns out that Caleb’s father’s stagecoach company will go bust unless they make a run to St. Louis carrying the U.S. Mail. This run is very important as making the trip in the proscribed time will guarantee a government contract and keep the company afloat.

So naturally, Flint decides to briefly resume his career as a driver to help his friend out of a jam. This is unbeknowst to passengers Major Adams, Bill and Charlie. All of whom are nursing horrendous hangovers from a big night in San Francisco.

At the first rest break Flint gets a look at the other passengers. He sees Angela, the girl he was supposed to go cruising with but she denies her identity.

As they proceed at greatneck speed, Mexicans overtake the coach, shooting the Major in the process.

Angela, finally admitting her true identity, explains that they are Mexican freedom fighters who need the coach to smuggle guns into Mexico. Eventually, they all agree to help and the mission is a success

Angela’s family offers to help Caleb and Flint to reach St. Louis in the alloted time so the stagecoach line doesn’t go bankrupt. They lead the way along an alternative route. But wait, what’s that in the Pass – Indians! Flint drives the team thru fire to avoid trouble and arrive on time.

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Robert Horton - Stagecoach
A woman, played by Deborah Paget and her escort are among the passengers who disembark at a way station. And there’s something very odd about her companion.

Robert Horton - Stagecoach
Flints drives for his friend, Caleb Jamison, played by Clu Gulager.

Robert Horton - Stagecoach
The Wagon Train crews spells Flint and Caleb by driving the coach.

Robert Horton - Stagecoach
Flint listens as Angela makes an impassioned plea for Mexican independence.

Robert Horton - Stagecoach
The crew from the train and Angela.

Robert Horton - Stagecoach
They made it! Trip routine!

Robert Horton - Stagecoach
Flint recognizes her at once as his friend, Angela.

Robert Horton - Stagecoach
If they look bad, they feel worse after a big night on the town in San Francisco.

Robert Horton - Stagecoach
But when they are chased by Mexicans, the Major is wounded.

Robert Horton - Stagecoach
To help the people who had helped them, the DeVargas offer to show them an alternative and faster route. Pictured on the left is a young Henry Darrow, billed under his real name of Henry Delgado in this episode. Later he would become Manolito Montoya on High Chaparrral.

Robert Horton - Stagecoach
Flint pushes ahead to make the deadline.

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