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by Michael RichComment — Updated August 5, 2023

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1960s cars

1960 AMC American

The buying public wanted compact economical cars
and Rambler fit that description perfectly
not much was changed from ’59 except a four door was added

Cost: $2,380.001960s classic carsA 1960 Rambler Ad which proclaimed: “The Most Imitated Car In America
1960s Pontiacs
1961 AMC Metropolitan 1500

All AMC’s were now called Ramblers except
this British built Metropolitan
it came with a 55hp Austin engine
the public however thought it was too small and it didn’t sell well 1960s classic autos

1962 AMC Rambler Ambassador

The only way to tell a more expensive Ambassador
from the cheaper American and Classic lines were it’s
square tail lights and a little side trim
Ambassador was your only choice if you wanted a V-8 however

Cost: $2,485.001960s vintage autos

1963 AMC Rambler Ambassador

All Ramblers got a complete from the ground up redesign
new model designations took on a numerical format
Ambassadors came in 800, 880 & 990
and Classics were 550, 660 & 770

Cost: $2,665.001960s classic automobiles

AMC Rambler Ambassador Interior 1960s vintage automobiles

1964 AMC Ambassador Classic

This Classic was equipped with AMC’s largest V-8
with bucket seats standard and a unique shifter design
this was their answer to the growing sports car fury

Cost: $2,610.00 60s classic cars

1965 AMC Ambassador Convertible

Ambassador got a new body style and a reinstated convertible
but it still placed third in sales for AMC
the smaller and less expensive Classic’s remained the top seller
the lineup was billed as “the Sensible Spectaculars”

Cost: $2,418.00 (base)60s vintage cars

1966 AMC Marlin

A facelift of the Classic’s body stye and frame
created the Marlin, a long overdue addition to the lineup
with a fastback and the big V-8, AMC had their first “muscle car”

Cost: $3,050.00 60s muscle cars

1967 Ambassador DPL

Redesigned again the Ambassador’s were
longer, lower and wider with more curves and a nice sports package
the sportier Marlin was overshadowed by a new lineup called Rebel

Cost: $2,580.00 60s American Cars

1968 AMC Javelin

American Motors finally hit the mark with the Javelin and AMX
the AMX was 12 inches shorter than Javelin
and was only offered in a 2 seater with a four on the floor shifter
(Thank you Steven for correcting this info for me!)

Cost: $3,250.00 (AMX model – not shown) sixties classic cars

1969 AMC Javelin

The Javelin could be sported up with options like
“big bad colors” paint choices, fiberglass – scooped hoods,
faux exhaust side pipes and spoilers (shown)
The Rambler name goes into extinction this year

Cost: $2,965.00

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