Celebrity Deaths 2009

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Pat Hingle Died
Pat Hingle
January 4
Ricardo Montalban Died
Ricardo Montalban
January 14
John Updike died
John Updike
January 27
Don Galloway died
Don Galloway
January 8
Patrick McGoohan Died
Patrick McGoohan
January 13
James Whitmore Died
James Whitmore
February 6
Paul Harvey Died
Paul Harvey (Aurandt)
February 28
Ron Silver Died
Ron Silver
March 15
Natasha Richardson Died
Natasha Richardson
March 18
Bea Arthur Died
Bea Arthur
April 25
Jack Kemp Died
Jack Kemp
May 2
Dom DeLuise Died
Dom Deluise
May 4
David CarradineDied
David Carradine
June 3
David CarradineDied
Ed McMahon
June 23
Farrah Fawcett Died
Farrah Fawcett
June 25
Michael Jackson Died
Michael Jackson
June 25
Billy Mays Died
Billy Mays
June 28
Karl Malden Died
Karl Malden
July 01
Walter Cronkite Died
Walter Cronkite
July 17
John Hughes Died
John Hughes
August 06
Eunice Shriver Died
Eunice Kennedy Shriver
August 11
Ted Kennedy Died
Edward “Ted” Kennedy
August 25
Patrick Swayze
Patrick Swayze
September 14
Henry Gibson
Henry Gibson
September 14
Soupy Sales
Soupy Sales
October 22
Gene Barry
Gene Barry
December 9
Connie Hines
Connie Hines
December 18
Brittany Murphy
Brittany Murphy
December 20

Gone But Not Forgotten – 2009

January 02 – Jet Travolta, Son of John Travolta & Kelly Preston, age 16

January 04 – Martin Patterson ‘Pat’ Hingle, Actor(portrayed the Commissioner in Batman movies) age 84

January 06 – Cheryl Holdridge, Actress(a very popular “Mouseketeer” on The Mickey Mouse Club) age 64

January 8 – Claude Jeeter, Musician (with the 50s gospel group Swan Silvertones)age 94

January 8 – Don Galloway,Actor (Raymond Burr’s protge on Ironside) age 71

January 13 – Patrick McGoohan,Actor (Danger Man/Secret Agent & The Prisoner) age 80

January 14 – Ricardo Montalban,Actor (Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island) age 88

January 27 – John Updike Novelist (won 2 Pulizers for his Rabbit series)age 76

February 6 – James Whitmore Actor (portrayed Will Rogers on stage) age 87

February 11 – Estelle Bennett Singer ( the girl group The Ronettes) age 67

February 28 – Paul Harvey (Aurandt) Newsman & Radio Broadcaster (The Rest of the Story segments) age 91

March 7 – Jimmy Boyd Singer & actor (recorded original “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”) age 70

March 13 –Betsy Blair Actress (Oscar nominated for “Marty”) age 85

March 15 –Ron Silver Actor & politcal activist (best known recently for recurring role on West Wing) age 65

March 18 –Natasha Richardson Tony award winning Actress (daughter of Vanesa Redgrave and married to Liam Neeson) age 45

March 27 –Irving R Levine NBC on air newsman for 45 years age 86

March 29 –Andrew (Andy) Hallet played Lorne on tv series “Angel”

April 25 –Beatrice (Bea) Arthur Emmy award winning actress-comedienne, star of Maude and Golden Girls tv shows

May 2 – Jack Kemp Pro Football quarterback and politician, 9 term Congressman and Secretary of HUD

May 4 – Dom DeLuise Actor / Comedian, best known for his movies with Burt Reynolds

June 3 – Koko Taylor Singer, was known as the “Queen of the Blues”


June 3 – David Carradine Actor, best known for role in “Kung Fu” tv series and “Kill Bill” movies

June 10 – Huey Long Guitarist, original member of the Ink Spots

June 23 – Ed McMahon Announcer, TV Personality, side kick to Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show from 1962 – 1992

June 25 – Farrah Fawcett Actress, best known for her role in Charlie’s Angels


June 25 – Michael Jackson Singer, songwriter, dancer, entertainer, legitimately referred to as “The King of Pop”, was a pioneer in music video’s, pop music, and pop culture

June 27 – Gale Storm Actress/ Singer, tv shows “My Little Marjie and The Gale Storm Show”

June 28 – Billy Mays Actor / Pitchman, promoted “as seen on tv” products, was spokesperson for oxi-clean

July 01 – Karl Malden Actor, best known for playing Lt. Mike Stone on The Streets of San Francisco


July 01 – Anna Karen Morrow Actress, best known for playing Mrs. Chernak on “Peyton Place”

July 06 – Robert McNamara Defense Secretary under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson during the Vietnam War

July 17 – Walter Cronkite Broadcast Journalist, was the anchorman for the CBS Nightly News for 19 years and possibly the most trusted man in America

August 6 – John Hughes Film director, producer and writer, films include Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and more

August 11 – Eunice Kennedy Shriver Philanthropist and champion for the mentally disabled , founded the Special Olympics, sister of John Kennedy (JFK)

August 13 – Les Paul inventor, muscian and song writer credited with inventing the electric guitar which made rock music possible

August 19 – Don Hewitt television news producer, created the news show “60 Minutes”

August 25 – Edward Moore “Ted” Kennedy 9 term US Senator from Mass. was the youngest of seven including John (JFK) and Bobby Kennedy

September 13 – Paul Burke Actor, character roles in Twelve O’Clock High and Naked City

September 14 – Patrick Swayze Actor / dancer, movies include Dirty Dancing, Ghost and North & South


September 14 – Henry Gibson Actor, Judge on Boston Legal also Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In

September 16 – Mary Allin Travers Singer songwriter with 60’s group Peter Paul & Mary

October 13 – Al Martino Singer / actor, played character of Johnny Fontaine in Godfather movies

October 19 – Joseph Wiseman Canadian Actor, played Dr. No in the James Bond film of the same name

October 22 – Soupy Sales Comedian, panelist on What’s My Line? also made getting a pie in the face famous

December 9 – Gene Barry Actor, tv series include Bat Masterson, Burkes Law, Our Miss Brooks, also War of the Worlds

December 14 – Conrad Fowkes Actor, appeared on Dark Shadows as Frank Garner from 1966 – 1967

December 15 – Oral Roberts Protestant Minister and Televangelist also founder of Oral Roberts University

December 18 – Connie Hines Actress, best known for role of Carol Post (wife) in Mr. Ed tv series

December 20 – Brittany Murphy Actress / singer co-starred in Clueless, Girl Interrupted and others

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