Celebrity Deaths

by abossolaComment — Updated August 3, 2023

A friend of mine once said “All the great men are dying and I don’t feel too well”. That was a joke of course but unfortunately a lot of the great ones have passed away and from what I see of today’s offerings they can never be replaced. In the following pages I have attempted to keep up with some of the more memorable ones.

In answer to the question, where have you gone Joe DiMaggio…well, he died. I get a lot of mail asking what happened to this one or that, and sadly, the response too often is – dead.

Not everyone who ever lived is on these lists. Just people we cared about, people who impacted our lives to some degree. People who were part of the culture from the Fifties onward.

I tried to list a popular credit for many of them in case the name was familiar but you needed a helpful hint to bring a face into focus.

We’ll miss them. A nation does turn its lonely eyes toward them. Because many were people who rightly could be called heroes.

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