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Richard Long
Michael Landon
Michael Landon
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Tom Landry
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Larry Linville
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Janet Leigh
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Heath Ledger
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Art Linkletter
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Steve Landesberg
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Jack Lalanne
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Len Lesser
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Judy Lewis
George Lindsey
George Lindsey
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Susan Luckey
Ed Lauder
Ed Lauter
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Tom Laughlin
Geoffrey Lewis
Geoffrey Lewis
Christopher Lee
Christopher Lee
Robert Loggia
Robert Loggia 2015
Marjorie Lord
Marjorie Lord 2015
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Martin Landau 2017
Jerry Lewis 2017
Jerry Lewis

Greg Lake b. 1947 d. 2016 (cancer)
founding member of Emerson, Lake & Palmer “Lucky Man”

Fernando Lamas b. 1915 d. 1982
Actor – Married to Esther Williams, father of Lorenzo (by Arlene Dahl)

Dorothy Lamour b. 1914 d. 1996 (cardiac arrest)
Actress – Road Shows with Bob Hope and Bing Crosby

Burt Lancaster b. 1913 d. 1994 (heart attack)
Actor – Elmer Gantry

Martin Landau b. 1928 d. 2017 (lung cancer)
Actor – “Mission: Impossible” (1966 -1973), “Space: 1999” (1976-’77)

Ann Landers (Esther Pauline Friedman) b. July 4, 1918 d. June 22, 2002 (multiple myeloma, a bone marrow cancer)
Columnist – dispensed advice to millions

Steve Landesberg b. 1945 d. 2010 (cancer)
Actor – Arthur Dietrich on Barney Miller

Michael Landon b. 1936 d. 1991(cancer)
Actor – Little Joe on Bonanza

Tom Landry b. 1924 d. 2000 (leukemia)
First coach of the Dallas Cowboys

Allan “Rocky” Lane b. 1904. d. 1973
Voice of Mr. Ed

Hope Lange b. 1931 d. December 19, 2003 (intestinal inflammation – ischemic colitis)
Actress – “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir

Jim Lange b. 1932 d. Feb. 25, 2014 (heart attack)
Radio and TV Host – hosted “The Dating Game” (1965-1980)

Frances Langford b. 1914 d. July 11, 2005 (congestive heart failure)
Actress and USO entertainer known as “Sweetheart of the Fighting Fronts,”

Meyer Lansky b. 1902 d. 1983
Gangster they never could convict

Gracie Lantz b. 1903 d. 1992 (spinal cancer)
Voice of Woody Woodpecker, wife of Walter

Walter Lantz b. 1900 d. 1994
Cartoonist – creator of Woody Woodpecker

Ring Lardner Jr. b. 1915 d. October 31, 2000
Screenwriter – One of the blacklisted Hollywood 10

Julius La Rosa b.1930 d. 2016 (natural)
Singer – “Anywhere I Wander” fired by Arthur Godfrey on the air

Jack Larson b. 1928 d. 2015
Actor – Jimmy Olsen on Adventures of Superman (1952-58)

Fred LaRue b. 1929 d. July 24, 2004
Watergate bagman

Lash LaRue b. 1917 d. 1996
Western Actor – often played character by own name or Cheyenne Davis

Estee Lauder b. 1906 d. April 26, 2004 (cardiopulmonary arrest)
Cosmetics pioneer

Tom Laughlin b. 1931 d. Dec. 12, 2013 (complications from pneumonia)
Actor – wrote, co-produced and starred in four “Billy Jack” movies

Stan Laurel b. 1890 d. 1965 (heart attack)
Actor – half of Laurel and Hardy

Ed Lauter b. 1938 d. Oct. 16, 2013
Actor – character actor, “The Magnificent Seven Ride!”, “ER”, “Golden Years”, hundreds more

Harry Lauter b. 1914 d. 1990 (heart failure)
Actor – Ranger Clay Morgan on Tales of the Texas Rangers

Patricia Kennedy Lawford b. 1924 d. September 17, 2006 (pneumonia)
Sister of John F. Kennedy and former wife of Peter Lawford

Peter Lawford b. 1923 d. 1984 (cirrhosis of the liver)
Actor/Rat Pack/brother-in-law of JFK – Ocean’s Eleven

Ken Lay b. 1942 d. July 5, 2006
Fomer CEO of Enron – Convicted of 9 counts of conspiracy and fraud

Timothy Leary b. 1920 d. 1996 (prostate cancer)
Writer and free thinker

Heath Ledger b. 1979 d. January 22, 2008 (Cardiac arrest brought on by prescription drug intoxication)
Actor – A Knight’s Tale and Brokeback Mountain

Alvin Lee b. 1944 s. March 06, 2013 (complications from minor surgery)
Musician – lead guitarist for Ten Years After rock group

Anna Lee b.1913 d. May 14, 2004 (pneumonia)
Actress – Lila Quartermaine on General Hospital

Brandon Lee b. 1965 d. 1993 (Shot by a gun that was supposed to have been cleaned out by a stage hand, but it hadn’t been completely)
Actor – The Crow

Bruce Lee b. 1940 d. 1973 (brain edema)
Actor – Fist of Fury

Christopher Lee b. 1922 d. 2015 (heart failure)
Actor – Saruman in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy

Curtis Lee b. 1939 d. 2015 (cancer)
Singer – “Pretty Little Angel Eyes”

Gypsy Rose Lee b. 1914 d. 1970 (cancer)
Stripper – subject of play/movie Gypsy

Harper Lee b. 1926 d. 2016
Novelist – Pulitzer Prize for fiction (1961) for novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”

Peggy Lee b. 1920 d. January 21, 2002 (heart attack)
Singer – Fever

Ernest Lehman b. 1915 d. July 2, 2005
Screenwriter – North by Northwest, Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? and The Sound of Music

Jerry Leiber b. 1933 d. August 22, 2011 (heart ailment)
Songwriter – “Jailhouse Rock”, “Hound Dog”

Janet Leigh b. 19.27 d. October 3, 2004 (vasculitis)
Actress – Psycho; mother of Jamie Lee Curtis

Vivien Leigh b. 1913 d. 1967 (tuberculosis)
Actress – Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With The Wind

Harvey Lembeck b. 1923 d. 1982 (heart attack)
Actor – The Phil Silvers Show and Ensign O’Toole

Jack Lemmon b. 1925 d. June 27, 2001
Actor – Felix Unger in the Odd Couple movies

Bob Lemon b. 1920 d. 2000
Baseball player – pitcher for Cleveland Indians

Medowlark Lemon b. 1932 d. 2015
Basketball Player – Harlem Globetrotters (1955-1980)

Mark Lenard b. 1924 d. 1996 (cancer)
Actor – Sarek, Spock’s father on Star Trek

Cynthia Lennon b.1939 d. 2015 (cancer)
1st wife of John Lennon of the Beatles, married, 1962 divorced, 1968

John Lennon b. 1940 d. 1980 (shot)

Elmore Leonard, Jr b.1924 d. 2013
Novelist – “Get Shorty”, “Mr. Majestyk”, “3:10 to Yuma”

Sheldon Leonard b. 1907 d. 1997
Actor/Producer – Make Room for Daddy, I Spy, The Andy Griffith Show and Gomer Pyle USMC

Mervyn LeRoy b. 1900 d. 1987 (Alzheimers disease)
Director – Mister Roberts, Gypsy

Len Lesser b. 1922 d. 2011 (pneumonia from cancer)
Actor – Uncle Leo on Seinfield

Irving R Levine b. 1922 d. 2009 (colon cancer)
Newsman with NBC for over 40 years

Al Lewis b. 1923 d. February 3, 2006
Actor – Grandpa on The Munsters and Officer Leo Schnauzer on Car 54, Where Are You?

Geoffrey Lewis b. 1935 d. 2015 (natural)
Actor – Orville Boggs in “Every Which Way But Loose” and “Any Which Way You Can”

Jerry Lewis b. 1926 d. 2017 (natural)
Comedian/Actor/Humanitarian – “The Bellboy” (1960), Nutty Professor (1963), Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon (1966-2010)

Judy Lewis b. 1935 d. November 25, 2011 (colon cancer)
Actress – illegitimate daughter of Hollywood stars Loretta Young and Clark Gable

Rick Lewis b. 1934 d. April 19, 2005
Pop singer – The Silhouettes

Shari Lewis b. 1933 d. 1998 (pneumonia/ovarian cancer)
Entertainer – Lamb Chop’s mom

Liberace (Wladziu Valentino) b. 1919 d. 1987 (AIDS)
Pianist and colorful entertainer

Richard Libertini b. 1933 d. 2016 (cancer)
Actor – the Editor in “Fletch” (1985) and two sequels

Corey Lidle b. 1972 d. October 12, 2006 (plane crash)
Pitcher for the New york Yankees

Evelyn Norton Lincoln b. 1909 d. 1995
Personal secretary to JFK

Anne Morrow Lindbergh b. 1907 d. February 7, 2001
Writer – Gift from the Sea, widow of Charles Lindbergh

Charles Lindbergh b. 1902 d. 1974

Audra Lindley b. 1918 d. 1997 (leukemia)
Actress – Mrs. Roper on Three’s Company

Art Linkletter b. 1912 d. 2010 (natural death)
“House Party” on both Radio and TV, 1944 – 1969 and “People Are Funny, 1954 – 1961

John Lindsay b. 1921 d. December 19, 2000
Mayor of New York City 1966-1974

George Lindsey b. 1928 d. May 6, 2012
Actor – Goober on “Andy Griffith” and “Hee Haw”

Larry Linville b. 1939 d. 2000 (lung cancer)
Actor – Major Frank Burns on MASH

Charles Sonny Liston b. 1932 d. 1970 (drug overdose)

Cleavon Little b. 1939 d. 1992 (colon cancer)
Actor – Ron Freeman on True Colors

Desmond Llewelyn b. 1914 d. 1999 (car crash)
Actor – Q in 17 of the James Bond movies

Frederick Loewe b. 1904 d. 1988
Composer – My Fair Lady

Robert Loggia b. 1930 d. 2015 (Alzheimer’s disease)
Actor – “Big”, “An Officer and a Gentleman”, “Scarface”

Vince Lombardi b. 1913 d. 1970 (cancer)
Coach of the Green Bay Packers

Guy Lombardo b. 1902 d. 1977
Orchestra Leader

Julie London b. 1926 d. 2000 (complications of a stroke)
Singer/Actress – nurse Dixie McCall oEmergency, with husband Bobby Troup as neurosurgeon Dr. Joe Early, and ex-husband Jack Webb as producer

Huey Long b. 1904 d. 2009 (natural)
Guitarist – was original member of the Ink Spots

Richard Long b. 1927 d. 1974 (heart failure)
Actor – Jarod Barkley on the Big Valley

Jack Lord b. 1920. d. 1998 (heart failure)
Actor – Steve McGarrett on Hawaii Five-O. Book ’em Dano!

Marjorie Lord b. 1918 d. 2015 (natural)
Actress – Kathy “Clancy” Williams on “Make Room for Daddy

Sherman Loudermilk b. 1913 d. April 30, 2005 (complications from Alzheimer’s disease)
Art director;also host of Cowboy Slim on KTLA-TV

Joe “The Brown Bomber” Louis b. 1914 d. 1981(heart attack)

Anita Louise b. 1915 d. 1970 (stroke)
Actress – Nell McLaughlin on My Friend Flicka

Linda Lovelace – b. 1949 d. April 22, 2002 (car crash)
Porn star turned anti-porn advocate – Deep Throat

Myrna Loy b. 1905 d. 1993 (complications during surgery)
Actress – Mrs. Blandings in Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

Susan Luckey b. 1938 d. 2012
Actress – “Carousel” (1956) and Zaneeta Shinn in “The Music Man” (1962)

Allen Ludden b. 1917 d. 1981(cancer)
Host – Password. married to Betty White

Robert Ludlum b. 1927 d. March 12, 2001 (heart attack)
Writer – The Bourne Identity, Holcroft Covenant

Sidney Lumet b. 1924 d. 2011 (Lymphoma)
Director & Producer “12 Angry Men”, “Dog Day Afternoon”, “Network”

Lamar Lundy b. 1935 d. February 24, 2007
Defensive lineman and part of the “Fearsome Foursome” of the L.A. Rams of the ’60s

Ida Lupino b. 1918 d. 1995 (stroke,colon cancer)
Actress/Director – directed episodes of Untouchables, Fugitive, Twilight Zone. Married to Howard Duff

Pierce Lyden b. 1908 d. 1998
Western actor

Frankie Lymon b. 1942 d. 1968 (heroin overdose)
Singer – Why Do Fools Fall in Love

Richard Lynch b. 1940 d. 2012 (heart attack)
Actor – King Cromwell in The Sword and the Sorcerer

Paul Lynde b. 1927 d. 1982 (cardiac arrest due to extreme substance abuse)
Actor/comedian – Center Square on the Hollywood Squares