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Fifties Pop HistoryTopps Company started it’s first baseball card series. The series consisted of two individual sets of 52 cards each.
The 1950s20 year old outfielder Willie Mays joins N.Y. Giants Baseball team, while Joe DiMaggio retires from baseball.for more sports or 1951 in sports
Fifties Pop History11,000 new books will debut this year. James Jones novel, From Here to Eternity is published.Buy the Book or Buy the Movie.Also popular this year: Look Younger, Live Longer by Gayelord Hauser.
The 1950sJ.D. Salinger published Catcher in the Rye. More InfoHerman Wouk’s Caine Mutiny, for which he will win the Pulitzer Prize, is published. Buy the Book or Buy the MovieAlso Thor Heyerdahl’s Kon-Tiki Buy the Book or Buy the Documentary and Rachel Carson’s The Sea Around Us. Buy the Book
Fifties Pop HistoryGen. Douglas MacArthur, relieved of his duties by President Truman, bade farewell to Congress. The MacArthur story.
The 1950sUNIVAC 1 First commercial computer. You’ve Got mail!
Fifties Pop HistoryFlorence Chadwick swims the English Channel from England to France in 16 hours.
The 1950sDirect-dial, coast-to-coast telephone service began as Mayor M. Leslie Denning of Englewood, New Jersey called his counterpart mayor Frank Osborn in Alameda, California.
Fifties Pop HistoryA.E.C. produces electricity from atomic energy.
The 1950sSwanson introduces beef, chicken, turkey pot pies. Hard to imagine there was life before this feast of gourmet treats.
Fifties Pop HistoryThe U.S. produced 100 million tons of steel and 400,000 lbs. of penicillin
The 1950sMaureen Connolly becomes the youngest woman to win the U.S. Open in tennis.
Fifties Pop HistoryJ. Andre-Thomas invents the first heart-lung machine, allowing advanced life-support during open-heart surgery.
The 1950sOscar stuff Marlon Brando puts on an undershirt and stars in Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire in a big year for movies. Buy the Movie A cult classic debuts. The Day the Earth Stood Still. Buy the Movie DVD The robot was Gort and Michael Rennie communicated with him by saying Klaatu Barata Nikto.
Fifties Pop HistoryAmerican automobile manufacturer Chrysler Corporation introduces power steering., which they called Hydraguide.
The 1950sYes! Tupperware!
Fifties Pop HistoryGerber Products starts using MSG (monsodium glutamate) in its baby foods to make them taste better.
The 1950sThe first Jack-in-the-Box opens in San Diego.
Fifties Pop HistoryThere are 15,500,000 TV sets in 15,750,000 homes.
The 1950sIn Sports… – Tom Fears, Otto Graham, Johnny Lujack, (football) and George Kell,Bob Lemon and Ralph Kiner (baseball) get their own Wheaties boxes!
Fifties Pop HistoryAmerican casualties in Korea by the end of 1951 – 15,000 dead and 75,000 wounded.
The 1950sWalt Disney’s “Alice In Wonderland” released.Buy the Movie
Fifties Pop HistoryS&H Green Stamps get their start at the Denver store chain King Sooper.
The 1950sTaco holder thingee enables fast tacos! I’ll explain
Fifties Pop HistoryThe U.S. Congress ratifies the Twenty-second Amendment, limiting presidents to two terms in office. (Some say that’s still one too many.)
The 1950sStill camera gets built-in flash units.
Fifties Pop HistoryThe Temple Beth Israel of Meridian, Mississippi became the first Jewish congregation to allow women to perform the functions of a rabbi.
The 1950sA Crosley automobile with a steering wheel on the right side became the first such vehicle placed in service for mail delivery – in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Fifties Pop HistoryThe comic strip, Dennis the Menace, written by Hank Ketchum, debuts and is picked up by 750 newspapers.
The 1950sThere are 900 fewer inmates in prison than the previous year. Although that still leaves 164,896 of ’em in jail.
Fifties Pop HistoryJulius and Ethel Rosenberg convicted of selling atomic secrets to the Soviets.
The 1950sThere are now 8.2 million trucks in the U.S.
Fifties Pop HistoryThe first section of the New Jersey Turnpike opens.
The 1950s17 million Americans now own TV sets. Just in time for I Love Lucy and the Cisco Kid to debut.
Fifties Pop HistoryCitation becomes the first race horse to earn more than one million dollars.
The 1950sThere was a 30.7% business failure rate. Chart for 1946-1964
Fifties Pop HistoryThere were 36,996 motor vehicle related deaths.While in the air, there were 11 accidents resulting in 185 fatalities.
The 1950sUnemployment: 3.3%
Fifties Pop HistoryFifties Web contributor Tony Rogerson was born on 1/01/51 in a small industrial town called Widnes on the outskirts of Liverpool, England.
The 1950sUS GNP (Gross National Product) is $329.6 billion