Kookie Talk from 77 Sunset Strip

by Candace Rich4 Comments — Updated September 11, 2023

Edd Brynes - Kookie- 77 Sunset StripKookie Talk” was a form of slang used by the character Gerald Lloyd “Kookie” Kookson III in the 1950s television series “77 Sunset Strip.” Kookie, portrayed by actor Edd Byrnes, was known for his distinctive way of speaking, which included the use of unique slang and catchphrases.

Kookie just personified cool. He had a lingo all of his own and because his character was so popular, we hung on his every word. And imitated him. Below are some classic expressions from Kookie Talk and a bonus pic for fans.

  • Antsville – A place full of people
  • Baby – Kookie often referred to women as “baby,” which was a common term of endearment in the 1950s.
  • Bread – This was slang for money, referring to cash or currency.
  • Chick in skins – Woman in a fur coat
  • Daddy-O – Another term of address, often used to refer to a guy or a person.
  • (a) Dark Seven – bad week (Thanks Jersey Mike)
  • Drag – Kookie might say something was a “real drag” if he found it boring or uninteresting.
  • Drape it, Dad – sit down (Thanks Jersey Mike)
  • Front burner – Current crisis
  • Germsville – An illness – Buzzed by germsville means put in the hospital
  • Ginchiest – Coolest
  • Heels on fire – In a hurry
  • I Lamped Him – saw him (Thanks Jersey Mike)
  • International intrigue dodge – Private eye business
  • Let’s book – To “book” meant to leave or go somewhere, often in a hurry. Kookie used this phrase when it was time to move on.
  • Lighting up the tilt sign – Lying
  • Long green – Money
  • Mushroom people – People who come out at night to play
  • Piling up the Z’s – sleeping (Thanks Jersey Mike)
  • Real cool – Kookie frequently used the term “real cool” to describe something or someone he found impressive or stylish.
  • Square – Kookie used this term to describe someone who was conventional or uncool. It was often used to contrast with his own “cool” persona.
  • Squeeze Bossy – to add some milk “to coffee” (Thanks Jersey Mike)
  • Smog in the noggin’ – Memory loss
  • Stable the horses – Park the cars
  • T.T.T.S. – Take two their small
  • Washington – A dollar
  • “Yowsah, yowsah, yowsah!” – This was one of Kookie’s signature catchphrases, expressing enthusiasm or approval.

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    • Hi James! “Intreagsville” doesn’t ring a bell. Do you have a clip or a video of him saying it? It might not be a well-known catchphrase or line associated with Kookie from the show. It’s possible that it was a one-time use of a made-up word or a playful expression within a particular episode or scene. Without more context, it’s challenging to determine the exact meaning or significance of that word.


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