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by Michael RichComment — Updated June 4, 2024

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1960s cars

1960 Dodge Dart
Dart was a welcome seller in Chrysler’s stormy year
coming in as a lower priced alternative to Plymouth
it came with the very popular slant six but larger engines were available

Cost: $2,350.00 (base)1960s Cars - DodgeOther Dodges had enlarged fins
sixties cars
1961 Dodge Dart

Dart received an extensive restyle,
the front fenders got a pointed look with the rear fenders
getting a reverse fin effect starting higher at the rear window
and slanting downward and getting smaller as they went back

Cost: $2,490.001960s classic cars

1962 Dodge Lancer
Dodge figured out what to do with the Valiant
restyle it, repower it and change it’s name
Lancer was born out of a desire to forget Valiant
unfortunately it didn’t sell much better

Cost: $2,275.001960s Cars - Dodge dart

1963 Dodge “Dart”

Dart loses it’s name and is now simply called Dodge
three inches longer and nicely restyled
the new Dodge enjoys an overall increase in sales

Cost: $2,530.0060s classic cars

1964 Dodge Polara

Dodge’s mid size car was the Polara
under the hood of this plain jane exterior was a 365hp V-8
the roof line was unusual with a slant back V shape to it

Cost: $2,860.0060s vintage cars

Limited edition hemi factory street racer
1965 Dodge

1965 Dodge Coronet 500

Dodge digs deep to revive the Coronet name
with bucket seats standard and a 180hp V-8
this was aimed directly at Chevy’s Chevelle and Ford’s Fairlane

Cost: $2,6750.00 (base)sixties classic cars

1966 Dodge Charger

Born from the Coronet to add a fastback to the lineup
it was a one model only series that came standard with a small 230hp engine
an optional Magnum 383 four barrel 325hp was the engine of choice however

Cost: $2,920.00sixties vintage cars

1967 Dodge Coronet R/T

Dodge’s contribution to the muscle car market
was this souped up Coronet, with wide tires, a stiff suspension
deluxe bucket interior and a big block V-8
it actually hurt Charger sales by stealing market share

Cost: $3,325.001960s classic Dodge cars

1968 Dodge Charger

Charger was back with a facelift that lifted sales
hidden front head lights, a new squared off tail and a
a R/T (Road & Track) model with a Magnum 440 big V-8
this Charger was a favorite with race enthusiasts and NASCAR

Cost: $3,050.001960s muscle cars

1969 Dodge Coronet “Superbee”

This Superbee has the Six Pack option
designed for weekend (and illegal) drag racers
it had a fiberglass lift off hood, plain black wheels
and a 390hp, 440 V-8 engine that had three 2 barrel carburetors

Cost: $3,340.00

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