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1960 Mercury Park Lane

Park Lane convertible was the most expensive Mercury
very pretty but not a good seller
Mercury buyers tended to be more conservative, value buyers

Cost: $4,000.00

This Monterey convertible sold better

Cost: $2,998.00


1961 Mercury Comet

The compact car market was exploding
and Mercury had it’s answer in the Comet
this year a sporty S-22 model(shown)was unveiled
it came with bucket seats and special tires and wheel covers

Cost: $2,290.00

1961 Mecury Meteor

Responding to buyers looking for lower priced cars
Mercury came up with Meteor, an economy full sized line
three models were available, the 600, 800 and the pricier Monterey

Cost: $2,350.00


1962 Mercury Meteor

With Mercury’s still known as “dreessed up Ford’s”
this Meteor which was the spittin image of Ford’s Fairlane
didn’t go over well with the buying public
Mercury’s compact Comet easily outsold the larger Meteor

Cost: $2,510.00


1963 Mercury Monterey

Full sized Mercury’s got a total restyle
nicknamed the “breezeway” line they featured a new rear window
which at the push of a button would lower
giving the occupants superior ventilation
Cost: $2,625.00


1964 Mercury Montclair Marauder

Mercury is in love with it’s full sized line again
Montclair 1s in the mid price range costing more than Monterey but less than Park Lane
this slantback hard top was in direct contrast to the “breezeway” models
sales were again on the rise with more profitability than there was in compact cars
Cost: $3,125.00

1964 Ad for “Breezway” rear window


1965 Mercury Comet Cyclone

Comet’s get a major facelift this year
more square but some felt a little too busy
it is now it’s own car, no longer linked to Ford’s Fairlane
the Cyclone had a standard 225 hp V-6

Cost: $2,680.00 (base)


1966 Mercury Comet / Cyclone GT

Comet is now a true mid-size car
becoming (again) a clone of Ford’s Fairlane
with Cyclone as its’ top of the line choice
the race inspired GT was the more popular
bucket seats and a 335hp big V-8 were standard

Cost: $2,940.00


1967 Mercury Cougar XR-7

Mercury desperately needed a “pony car”
three inches longer than Mustang and a lot plusher
hidden headlamps, sequential rear turn signals and a more luxurious interior
all helped to differentiate it from Ford’s offering

Cost: $3,080.00


1968 Mercury Cyclone

Once again Cyclone is the mid-size performance choice
it received a styling change but kept the same 230hp V-8
the Cyclone came in a notch back (shown) or fast back models
despite the changes, Cougar was the new sales leader

Cost: $3,165.00


1969 Mercury Marauder

Marauder was new to the lineup this year
adding another race inspired mid-size car was risky for Mercury
the Marauder had some unique features like standard wheel skirts and a black matte rear deck
to keep sales up for the Cyclone it got a 335hp 428 Cobra Jet V-8

Cost: $3,415.00

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