The Story of Patrice Wymore, Errol Flynn’s Wife During 1950

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Patrice Wymore, born on December 17, 1926, in Kansas, was celebrated as a stage actress of the 1950s and in other mediums like film and television. She was also notably Errol Flynn’s wife.

Errol Flynn is a dashing Australian actor known for his roles as a heroic swashbuckler in American films. His life off-screen was as adventurous as his on-screen exploits.

Amid the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, their paths crossed, igniting a love story.

The couple tied the knot in 1950, and their union was fraught with adversity, not least due to Flynn’s deteriorating health. What’s more, is that their relationship was exacerbated by his struggles with alcohol and drug abuse.

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In 1953, they welcomed their daughter Arnella and spent much of their lives in Jamaica on a cattle ranch owned by Flynn. Despite the tumultuous nature of their marriage, they remained together until Flynn’s demise in 1959.

After her husband’s death, Wymore returned to the acting world. However, she departed from this life on March 22, 2014, in Portland Parish, Jamaica.

Key Takeaway

  • Patrice Wymore was a promising stage and film actress in the 1940s-50s, winning awards and working with major Hollywood stars.
  • She married legendary actor Errol Flynn in 1950 despite their age gap, showcasing the glamour and romance of old Hollywood relationships.
  • Wymore put aside her acting career in the mid-1950s to support Flynn amid his substance abuse issues and care for their daughter.
  • Though she lived reclusively after Flynn’s early death, Wymore continued sporadic acting work before retreating from fame, reminding us of the real people behind celebrity images – like stage and real names..

Patrice Wymore’s Early Life and Career

Patrice Wymore Flynn, born Patricia Wymore, has an early life and career as a hopeful stage actress to a recognized name in Hollywood.

She spent her early days honing her craft in theater. Her perseverance led to a standout moment in 1947 when she won the Theatre World Award for her Broadway role in “Hold It!”

This accolade wasn’t just a nod to her talent but her ticket to bigger things.

In 1948, Warner Bros. noticed and signed her on, transitioning her from the stage’s spotlight to the American film set’s glow. Wymore’s journey through the late 1940s into Hollywood wasn’t just about landing roles; it was about making a mark.

Her debut film role came in 1950 with “Tea for Two,” showcasing her impressive rendition of “Crazy Rhythm.”

From a small role to significant contracts, her move to the screen was a testament to her persistence and skill. She set the stage for her rise in the glamorous yet challenging world of 1950s cinema.

Wymore and Flynn’s Romance and Marriage

The Story of Patrice Wymore, Errol Flynn's Wife During 1950 Photo

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While the spotlight shone brightly on the young and promising Patrice Wymore, she met the legendary Errol Flynn. Despite the age difference and Flynn’s storied past, their sparks were undeniable.

Fast forward to 1950, Wymore and Flynn tied the knot in the picturesque landscapes of France. The ceremony was as enchanting as the couple themselves. The news photo, capturing their joy, would later grace the pages of Getty Images, marking the moment as a snapshot in time.

Their story didn’t stop at “I do.” The couple settled at Flynn’s majestic ranch in Jamaica, creating a life together that was the envy of many.

This union, marked by its highs and lows, showcases the timeless tale of two stars from different worlds coming together. Their love story, filled with adventures reminiscent of Errol Flynn’s movies, is a testament to Hollywood romances’ unpredictable and captivating nature.

Wymore’s Film and TV Career Peak (early 1950s)

The peak of Wymore’s film and TV career spanned the vibrant decade of the 50s. And it’s proof of her versatility and tenacity in an industry that was as challenging as glamorous.

Wymore continued to grace the silver screen in films produced by Warner Bros., stepping into the rugged terrains of the western “Rocky Mountain” where she starred as Johanna Carter. Here, she shared the screen with Hollywood legends, highlighting her ability to hold her own alongside established stars.

She also worked with famous actors, including the likes of Kirk Douglas in “The Big Trees,” Doris Day in “Tea for Two,” Virginia Mayo in “She’s Back on Broadway,” and Frank Sinatra in “Ocean’s Eleven.” This only illustrated the caliber of talent she was associated with.

This period underscored Wymore’s dynamic range, from the western rocky mountains to the musical hold of “British-made King’s Rhapsody” to psychological thrillers like “Chamber of Horrors.”

But Wymore didn’t stop at films. As television began to carve its niche in American homes, she ventured into this emerging medium, taking roles in shows like “Perry Mason” and Poison “Ivy Williams.

This strategic move showcased her adaptability and foresight in the evolution of the entertainment landscape.

Her story is a testament to the historical context of the time, offering data-driven insights into the film industry’s dynamics and our current understanding of celebrity and performance.

Challenges in the Mid-1950s

However, Wymore and Flynn’s journey was marked by challenges, not only glamour and love. This tested their bond in ways few could imagine.

Flynn Struggling with Substance Abuse

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In the mid-1950s, the adventures of Errol Flynn off-screen were becoming as notorious as those of his on-screen characters. The once-swashbuckling hero found himself embroiled in a battle against substance abuse.

This struggle was more than just tabloid fodder; it was a significant challenge that impacted his career, relationships, and health. Flynn’s personal life was spiraling.

Wymore Took Time Off to Care for Family and New Daughter

Amid Flynn’s tumultuous life, Patrice Wymore, his steadfast wife, decided to step back from her career to focus on their family. Her career halted since she had to care for her ailing husband and growing child.

She made a comeback to acting now and then, featuring in musicals at summer theaters and on TV shows. Wymore’s life was marked by her commitment to her family and varied professional endeavors.

Flynn Died Suddenly in 1959, Leaving Wymore a Widow

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The final act of Flynn’s life came abruptly in 1959 when he passed away from an apparent drug overdose. Well, that’s what rumors are saying, but newspapers said that he died due to a heart attack.

This tragic end left Wymore a widow and single mother. Flynn’s death marked the end of an era in Hollywood. For Wymore, she went back to Jamaica and focused on farming.

Wymore’s Life after Flynn

After the curtain fell on her glamorous life with silver screen icon Errol Flynn, Patrice Wymore’s journey didn’t fade to black.

Continued Sporadic TV and Film Acting Work in the 1960s-70s

Although she returned to Jamaica, Wymore didn’t vanish from the entertainment world. Though her marriage to Flynn had catapulted her into the limelight, she continued to pick roles in television and film through the 1960s and 70s, albeit more sporadically.

Though less frequent, her appearances echoed the talent of a bygone era, with Wymore showcasing the versatility that had made her a star. She still has guest spots on popular TV shows and roles in films that didn’t always make the marquee but showed her range.

Wymore’s career in these years reflected a changing industry where digital content was on the rise, yet standard editorial rights still governed the game.

Lived Reclusively on Jamaican Ranch and American Farm

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After some time, Wymore chose a life away from the spotlight’s glare. She turned her back on the bustling streets of Hollywood for the serene landscapes of her Jamaican ranch and an American farm.

Hence, people called her a recluse. Her life in seclusion starkly contrasted the glamour and tumult of her earlier years. It was a choice that spoke to her need for peace and a return to simplicity.

This is far from the complex digital asset management systems and contributor support networks that define today’s entertainment industry.

Wymore’s Changing Public Image

In the early days of their marriage, the press was enamored with Wymore. In news photos and high-quality images, her radiance in original vintage prints still circulates in new collections today.

These images tell the story of a Hollywood starlet, celebrated not just for her marriage to Flynn but for her burgeoning career.

Her Broadway debut and roles in various television series and films showcased her talent, making her a subject of interest for talent scouts and news service archives.

However, as the years passed, Wymore’s public image shifted dramatically. Following Flynn’s death and her own decision to retreat from the relentless spotlight of fame, she was often painted as a recluse by the media.

This transition from a celebrated actress to a figure living quietly out of the public eye was documented by various news outlets. And as expected, it marked a stark contrast to her earlier days in the limelight.

Despite this retreat, Wymore’s death in 2014 at 87 garnered renewed interest in her life and career. Historical events and the legacy of her filmography brought her name back into circulation, with digital images and stories from her past resurfacing in tribute.

The Story of Patrice Wymore, Errol Flynn's Wife During 1950 Photo

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Services media manager rights discussions often revolve around using her images, underscoring her work’s and life story’s lasting impact.

Remembered for her diverse talents as an actress, singer, and dancer, Wymore’s legacy includes her philanthropic endeavors and contributions to the Jamaican community.


In the 1950s, Hollywood was all about glamour and big stars, and Patrice Wymore was right in the middle. She was one of the budding actresses in the United States who became much more famous when she married Errol Flynn, a big movie star.

They were a hot topic, and even famous friends like Frank Sinatra were part of their circle. Pictures of them together were everywhere; today, those old photos are treasures for collectors.

Being married to Flynn was challenging, though. He had problems, and being in the spotlight made things more difficult. But Patrice handled it all with strength.

After a while, she left the busy Hollywood life to focus on her family. This shows a different side of the 1950s stars. They weren’t just about the glam; they also had real lives and challenges.

Patrice Wymore’s life story takes us from Hollywood’s bright lights and pressures to a quieter life, showing us that there’s more to those 1950s stars than we see on screen. Her story is a reminder of the real people behind the celebrity images, facing life’s ups and downs just like anyone else.

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