Slang C-F

1950s Slang (C-F)

Candy assWimp or easily scared
Cast an eyeballTo look
CatA hip person (Beats)
ChariotCar (Beats)
CheatersSunglasses (courtesy of Kerrimoon)
CherryOriginally, an unaltered car. Later, anything attractive (hot-rodders, originally)
ChiliA good deal (courtesy of Jim Hip)
Chopmild put down in a good natured way (courtesy of Lucien Laventure)
Chrome-platedDressed up (hot-rodders, originally)
Classy chassisGreat body
Cloud 9Really happy
ClydeTerm of address, usually for a normal person (Beats)
Come on snake, let’s rattleask a girl to dance or a guy to fight (courtesy of Jim Hip)
Cooler (noun)jail, detention, or other punishment (courtesy of Grace Ghali)
Cook, cookin’Doing it well
Cooking with gasfinally doing it the easy or best way (thanks to Karl for this)
Cookiea person, “man that cat is one cool cookie” (courtesy of Vicki Lipira)
CoolIndefinable quality that makes something or someone extraordinary
Cool itRelax, settle down
CootiesGerms/imaginary infestations of the truly un-cool (courtesy of Jaena Campos)
Cowabungaexpression from 50s tv show “Howdy Doody” (courtesy of Dr. Bob)
CrankedExcited (Beats)
Crazy“Like crazy,man” Implies an especially good thing
CreamOriginally, to dent a car. Later, to badly damage (hot-rodders, originally)
CruisingDriving around looking for action
Cruisin’ for a bruisin’Looking for trouble (thanks to James Gresham for this)
CubeA normal person
Curtain Climberssmall children (courtesy of Kerrimoon)
Cut the gasBe quiet!
Cut outLeave
Cut a rugTo dance (courtesy of James Gresham)

Daddy-OTerm of address (Beats)
D.D.T. (Drop Dead Twice)Response: What, and look like you?
Deck of Luckiespack of Lucky Strike cigarettes (thanks to Timothy Heins for this)
DeuceA 1932 Ford (hot-rodders)
DibsA claim – as in “got dibs” on that seat
DigTo understand; to approve
DollyCute girl
Don’t have a cowDon’t get so excited
Don’t flip your wigDon’t get so excited
DoughMoney (thanks to Harper Calico for this)
Drag(hot-rodders) A short car race; (Beats) A bore
Dreamy or Dreamboata really cute guy (thanks to Kerrimoon for this)
Drowning nothing is going right or boredom (thanks to Ellie Kronberg)
Duck Butt or D.A.Hairstyle of greasers where hair in back is combed to the middle, then with end of comb, make a middle part.
Due backsPack of cigarettes (courtesy of Jim Hip)

Earth padsShoes (courtesy of Jim Hip)
EasyA girl who “puts out”
Eurekaan epiphany or sudden awareness
Eyeballto look around (courtesy of Ellie Kronberg)

FabThe best of something
Fagused in UK meaning cigarette (courtesy of Julia Michna)
Fake OutA bad date
FastSomeone who was sexually active
Fat CityA great thing or place; Happy
Finksomeone who tells on you, usually to the police (courtesy of Jeff Cook)
Fire UpStart your engine (hot-rodders)
Flat outFast as you can
Flat-topMen’s hairstyle. A crewcut which is flat across the top
FlickA movie
FlipTo get very excited
Flip-topA convertible car
Flip Top BoxA car with a retractable hardtop (courtesy of Carol Allen)
Flip Your LidTo go crazy, as in “He must’ve flipped his lid.” (courtesy of Carolyn Tomlins)
Floor itPush the accelerator to the floor (hot-rodders)
Flutter bumGood looking guy (courtesy of Jim Hip)
FractureTo amuse
FreamSomeone who doesn’t fit in
FratSomeone who is “in” and “popular” (thanks to Janis Uglis for this)
Fuzzpolice (thanks to Phil for this one)
Fuzzy ducka girl with a short haircut (thanks to Jasmine Lindholm for this one)

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