Turning 50?

by Candace RichComment — Updated August 3, 2023

Turning 50, eh? Been there. Done that. Have you gotten the AARP invitation yet? That’s a treat. They do great work and I joined, but it’s a real sobering experience to see THAT in the mail.

Here’s some books to help you over the hump – plus they make great gifts for all your friends who are about to round this particular bend.Fifties Videos100 Things I’m Not Going to Do Now That I’m over 50

by Wendy Reid Crisp

From not wearing a corsage to never missing another eclipse, a hundred witty, irreverent resolutions are designed for women over fifty who are determined to enjoy their hard-won freedom from silly conventions.

100 Things I’m Not Going to Do Now That I’m over 50
Turning 50Turning 50 : Quotes, Lists, and Helpful Hints

by William K. Klingaman

This irreverent volume employs wit and wisdom to ease the sting of reaching that half-century mark with a collection of quips, quotes, lists, and helpful hints, written by those who have faced 50 and lived to tell the tale. Contributors include Gore Vidal, Branch Rickey, George Orwell, and many others.

Turning 50 : Quotes, Lists, and Helpful Hints
Fifties VideosYou Know You’re 50 When… [LARGE PRINT]

by Richard Smith,
Debra Solomon (Illustrator)

Richard Smith’s wildly popular books have made America laugh about everything from wedding-night jitters to weight loss. Now he turns his comic talent to a subject he’s about to experience himself: climbing the half-century hill.

You Know You’re 50 When… [LARGE PRINT]
Turning 50Forever Fifty and Other Negotiations

by Judith Viorst

Her bestselling verse has unerringly captured our follies and our foibles over the decades. Now Judith Viorst, in a witty and beautifuUy illustrated book of poems, looks at what it’s like to be (gulp) fifty.

Forever Fifty and Other Negotiations
Fifties VideosGetting Old Sucks

by Ed Strnad

Millions of baby boomers, stumbling into middle age, are being fed a line: “Getting old is cool!” Can’t swallow that? GETTING OLD SUCKS is your perfect antidote to those sappy, feel-good books about how great it is to age gracefully. You’ll experience many smiles of recognition–unfortunately causing even more laugh lines and crows feet.

Getting Old Sucks
Turning 50What You Don’t Know About Turning 50 : A Funny Birthday Quiz

by P. D. Witte, Steve Mark (Illustrator)

A funny 50th birthday quiz Here is an outrageous quiz that can ease the pain of turning 50 and provide entertainment for any 50th birthday party. Keep those bifocals handy

What You Don’t Know About Turning 50 : A Funny Birthday Quiz

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