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Fifties Trivia Celebrities

Fifties trivia answers

1. Which of these was NOT married to Elizabeth Taylor during the Fifties?
Michael Wilding
Eddie Fisher
Richard Burton

2. Who was Ernie Kovac's popular wife?
Edie Adams
Debbie Reynolds
Jayne Meadows

3. How old would Marilyn Monroe have been on her birthday June 1, 2000?

4. How old would James Dean have been on his birthday February 8, 2000?

5. Who appeared on the first cover of TV Guide?
Jack Webb
Lucille Ball and new baby
David and Ricky Nelson

6. Number 24 with baseball's Giants.
Joe Dimaggio
Jackie Robinson
Willy Mays

7. Kathy, Diane, Peggy and Janet were better known as...
The McGuire Sisters
The Lennon Sisters
The Andrews Sisters

8. What film producer did Sophia Loren marry in 1958?
Billy Wilder
Federico Fellini
Carlo Ponti

9. What company did Joan Crawford's husband, Alfred Steele, head?
Pepsi Cola
U.S. Steel

10. He's called Mr. Television.Who is he?
Ed Sullivan
Walter Cronkite
Milton Berle

11. Where was Elvis Presley born?
Tupelo, Tennessee
Tupelo, Mississippi
Tupelo, Alabama

12. If you heard someone screeching, "Stellaaaaaa" who would you guess it to be?
Marlon Brando
James Dean
Montgomery Clift

13. Both the book and movie, "Diary of Anne Frank" tell of a young girl hiding from the Nazis in...
Amsterdam, Holland
Berlin Germany
Paris, France

14. Which of these was NOT a famous celebrity gossip columnist?
Louella Parsons
Hedda Hopper
Doris Kappelhoff

15. Which of these women was NEVER married to Frank Sinatra?
Mia Farrow
Ava Gardner
Lana Turner

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Fifties trivia answers

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