1960s Pop History – 1960

President: Dwight D. Eisenhower Vice President: Richard M. Nixon
The population of the United States is 179,979,000
National Debt 286.3 Billion
Unemployment is 5.5%
Life Expectancy: Males 66.6 years, Females 73.1 years
Cost of a first-class stamp is $0.04
Academy Award : Ben-Hur (click to buy) 
Grammy Award : Mack The Knife (click to buy)  (Record), Come Dance With Me (click to buy)  (Album)
Pulitzer Prize : Advise and Consent (fiction), To Kill a Mockingbird (click to buy)  (non-fiction)
First ever Presidential Debate between John F Kennedy and Richard Nixon, 70 million people tuned in
France tests its first atomic bomb – in the Sahara Desert of Algeria
The British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan gave the “Wind of Change” speech in S. Africa (click to read speech)
Adolph Coors III, the chairman of the board of the Coors Brewing Company, is kidnapped, and later found murdered
The Soviet Union shoots down an American U-2 spy plane and captures its pilot, Francis Gary Powers
The FDA approves the first oral contraceptive pill for use as birth control
Israeli Mossad agents abduct Adolph Eichmann a Nazi war criminal who was hiding in Brazil and return him to Israel for trail
Following months of protests, Woolworth in Greensboro, N. Carolina serves its first meal to a black customer
Fidel Castro nationalizes all American and foreign-owned property in Cuba
Hurricane Donna kills 50 in the State of Florida and New England
Cassius Clay wins the Gold Medal for boxing during the 1960 Summer Olympic Games
Joanne Woodward receives the first star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Dr. Michael Woodruff carries out the first successful kidney transplant in the United Kingdom
D. H. Lawrence’s novel Lady Chatterley’s Lover (click to buy)  is found not guilty of obscenity
United States Presidential election, 1960 : John F Kennedy defeats Richard Nixon by a slim margin
Over 1000 Cuban refugees per week begin arriving in Florida fleeing Castro’s rule
The first episode of the classic British TV series Coronation Street (click to buy)  is broadcast
Other television debuts included:The Andy Griffith Show, My Three Sons and The Flintstones     (click show title for more info)
On the music charts itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikini (click to buy)  managed to climb to the top
Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho (click to buy)  terrifies movie-goer’s, other movies include, The Apartment, The Sundowners, Sons and Lovers

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